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I enjoy playing Santa Claus at Christmas time.

Thought it was time to update info, Moved in with a great lady and she now owns a new Can-Am Spyder RTS and plans on riding it to Americade in 2013 and maybe with her twins, one behind myself and the other behind her. They both love to ride as much as her and I.
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Automotive Mechanic

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Ride To Live and Live To Ride !!

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Candy Black Cherry 2005 Honda Goldwing

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Viper Red 011 Cam-Am Spyder RT-S

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

Great product and easy install, I installed them last week and I would sugguest useing a drop of dishwashing liguid on each hole and rubber bumper for easier installation. Niddle nosed pliers and a small jewelers screwdriver or 90 degree pick tool to help get the nub started down threw the drilled holes. Only wish , I had them a few years back when I first got the Wing. Cause the chaffing does get ugly. Ride safe !!
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Oil Filter Wrench
ITEM CODE: BB4201,   SKU: BB4201

Great wrench , finally got to use mine yesterday and even with belly pan on my bike, this wrench makes it so much easier to remove and replace oil filter. Wing Stuff has the most reseasonable price for this wrench that I have found. Even on E-bay they get 12 bucks for the thing. If you do your own oil changes this is a must have ! Even if you don't you may want to try it, hellva lot cheaper then at the dealer.
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

Finally got to use this bag, on trip to Americade. Great bag and holds alot and mounts in just minutes. Stays in place with velcro straps with no worry of it ever coming off even at speeds on highway of 75 and 80 mph. great value for the money. ride safe and enjoy.
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Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: KU7642,   SKU: KU7642

Out of all the hitches I read about on this site, this seemed the easiest to install. I happened to luck into one on E-Bay and yes it didn't come with instructions. I downloaded instructions from Kuryakyn site and could increase the size to make everything clear. The fact that there is no need to loosen exhaust pipes or saddle bags is a big plus. Took me about 45 minutes to install and with no other help. read thru directions a couple of times before starting and never checked again while installing. Even installed the mud flap that came with it. Haven't pulled a trailer yet seeing that I don't have one but feel that it will be no problem. Hope that this helps some you with the purchase of a hitch. Ride safe and enjoy !
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Chrome Handlebar Clamp Plugs
ITEM CODE: BB52627,   SKU: BB52627

Great bit of chrome to those lost OEM pieces that just seem to disappear. Fit a little tighter then OEM, but still will add a bit of silicone so not to have these disappear on me. Ride safe !
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5-pc Assorted Grommet Kit
ITEM CODE: BB52691,   SKU: BB52691

Oh yeah, get 2 sets, these are nice to have on hand and match orginals to a tee. I had my bike with less then 2000 miles on and lost one for side cover. Face it those covers come off even to just check your oil level. Keep one set in trunk and one in tool box. Believe me you will loose one for side covers and may not realize it till you are cleaning it and find cover loose.
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Spray Polish & Cleaner

Great stuff, never tried before but was amazed at how easy it removed bug juice from wind screan and front fairing pieces , no streaking and slick. Quick and easy. Ride safe !
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ITEM: AO18673629

Easy install and looks great with both antennas on the box . great reception for the CB . Wish I could find replacement mass to replace the AM/FM radio antenna for better reception.
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Battery Tender JR 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017122,   SKU: SOMS017122

Great little charger, used it for keeping factory battery going and now with new gel battery haven't had to use but on bike all the time. all small enough to carry on bike all the time.
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

Good looking bag , looking for many years of use. will be nice to have dry sleeping bag . Bag is big enough for both tent and sleeping bag. Which I use to just tie to rack with bungy cords.
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ITEM: PG03666

Great product, can not believe the shine. Makes the bike look like it is wet. Deep shine !! Easy to apply and easy off. No more long hours of shining and more time riding.
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Chrome Rotor Covers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7450,   SKU: KU7450

These covers are great and not bad to install at all. Really does set off front end and with the ring of fire they are a sight at night time. I am a mechanic by trade and for me it wasn't bad at all but as someone mentioned, pay attension to the bolts removed cause they are different in length. Read thru the directions a couple times before starting and you should have no problem at all. Kuryakyn has their own site and the directions can be down loaded and blown up to what ever size you need them to be, for just about every product they make, I did and was able read thru the directions long before receiving the covers. Ride safe and enjoy.
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