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Two Brothers Comp-S Dual Slip-Ons Install Highlight + Sound Clips

Why New Muffler?
Other than the sound and a thousand dollars, plus install labor, what are the performance benefits for changing out the exhaust. I see nothing in the videos or description about the performance benefits other than trying to sound like a Harley. I would think on WingStuff and the manufacturers web site all would be proud to display some dynamometer performance specifications on any power improvement, if any, or are they just ascetics, (Harley sound) and that is ok, but not for thousand plus install labor. Just asking? Thanks R B Orlando, Fl

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Parking Brake Interlock Harness for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT
ITEM CODE: EC02117,   SKU: EC02117

Once installed the device works as advertised. Installation instructions are vague and provide little help once black and white wire is attached and that task was made easier by watching Fred Harmons video on how to install the sister accessory that produces a flashing idiot light on the dash only. The bigger he’ll experience is the remaining task of finding, accessing and installing the interconnect to the kickstand circuit which is simple stated as located on the rear of the engine. The diagram and the same in the mechanics manual stumped me as to location. I guess I was frustrated for enough time to give up as it was on a Sunday and no one to call for some help.Returned after a beer and Finally located the connection buried in the bowels of inaccessibility and getting to it on a center stand, disconnecting and attacking the harness goes down in my book as the most time consuming and frustrating task performed today…The air filter exchange being right up there with this install. Unfortunately there was not one video on YouTube or elsewhere showing an easy install for this device which was surprising. I am curious how this harness connection is made easier and perhaps why no video but ces’t la vie. I finally had to put the bike up on my J&S stand to get my hands near the connector. Had to use a hemostat and screwdriver to disconnect the connector on the rear of the engine and then to manipulate the harness connection which in this tight space is close to impossible manually. This whole install took me more hours then I had dreamed. Understand I have about 6 k in accessories on the bike and I installed every one, but this little ditty wins first prize. I’m no a Fred Harmon or Cruiseman but I would love to see a video on how EC makes this install look easy, doing it on the center stand, as most of us do not have lifts. When I finished this install I simply went in the house and got drunk. That’s my adventure on this topic. Patience- that is an understatement. I await the simple alternatives others enjoyed and the wisdom I could not find 😎. PS Wingstuff how about a install video with Eric. As you gave done with other accessories. 5 stars for the product 2 stars for ease of install and a -9 for difficulty.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853

I chose Wingstuff for my tire order. Why? Love the company and competitive pricing. Also the kindness of alerting me to the Bridgestone reward program. Submitted it for a rebate and am waiting for approval and rebate. 8 to 10 weeks to receive. The product arrived in less than 5 days, boxed and arrived in perfect condition. They are in storage for more miles on the original set which are doing great using the Centramatic Balancers. Highly recommended.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing

Since I live in Florida I drove to Punta Gorda and met the owner and his crew. What a great team. They live visitors and made my visit an outstanding experience. Selected the 20 “ Clear Recurved F4 Custom. The owner installed the shield and provided care instructions and fitment. Settled up payment with a bottle of cleaner as a gift and hit the Road. 300 miles later touring the Florida west coast I was even more pleased. The height low and high was perfect for me at 6’ allowing a few inches see through at the top elevation and plenary of fresh are at the bottom. The added 4 “ width now improves my bubble. The recurve works great. Family owned American made surface gardened product. Do give them consideration. Service and product satisfaction is refreshing these days. 👍 Happy Camper.
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