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Black Cherry 2015 Honda GL1800

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blue/grey 2015 Honda CTX700

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ITEM: AO451699B

This cover is great to keep the fob from scratching your bike. However, after the initial installation I found that the buttons were not so easy to access especially when wearing even thin gloves.The solution was to remove it from the fob and just like most cell phone covers, only have the back and fob outline covered. I cut along the two button line and across with a razor blade and across so ~1" square was removed. I guess you could take the cut down to the long emergency button too but I didn't. Problem solved!
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40th Anniversary Edition Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800

Like others, I was not so sure about cutting into my stock seat to add this backrest. However. the instructions were good and there are a couple uTube videos available that gave me enough encouragement. The installation went easier than expected but be careful if you have a heated seat. WOW! what a difference in comfort!!! Before the backrest even some shorter rides I found my back and shoulders strained and tired. After installation, those issue went away when I threw the packing in the trash! Noteworthy is on acceleration before I had to "hold on" to the handgrips. After the installation I could just sit back and enjoy the power as I accelerated. I did have to mount my bike differently. I find even on the side stand to just step on the foot pegs it is easier to throw your leg over. Yup, I'm an old guy and still can!
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