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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing


Made a bigger difference than I expected

Packing was solid and secure, installation was a breeze as well. The new windshield (I got the 20" tinted) looks great, the pics don't really give it justice. It is darker than it appears in pics. The airflow is much better, and my passenger said she felt a huge difference in air that hit her. Also, the clarity is impressive. It seems far more clear than the factory one, even though this one is tinted. Also, cleaning the F4 is sooooooo much easier.So why the 4 star rating? There were two reasons: 1) there were some tiny nicks in the windshield when I opened it. I only see them when I'm standing next to the bike and looking for them, but still kinda disappointing for a $400 windshield. 2) the optical accuracy seems to be much ado about nothing. There is a very obvious distortion at the top where the recurve is, even though everything I read about the F4 said that wasn't the case. There is also some distortion lower in the middle. Since I generally look over the windshield these don't bother me as much, but the factory windshield was far more optically accurate. My point about the F4 being a far more optically clear windshield stands though. It is far easier to see through the F4 than stock, even when both are freshly cleaned.
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Twin Rail Floorboards w/ Optional Chrome Driver Adapters


They feel bigger than they look.

I admit when I opened the box I thought these were a bit small, but now that I have a few thousand miles with them, they are just about perfect.Installation is straightforward, and they are highly adjustable, not only front to back placement, but you can also set the angle the platform is at up or down to your liking.I did notice they have no "impact peg" on the bottom, and since I hit it pretty often with the stock pegs I was worried this would pose a problem, but without that peg these sit up a bit higher than the stock pegs d and thus far I haven't managed to hit them at all. This is good as the left side one has a much more limited range of motion due to where the kickstand is placed.I do wish they offered an all black pair, but the chrome seems to be of good quality.All that said, this has been one of the best additions to my Gold Wing. I feel far more comfortable, my foot as some room to move around, and the sit just a little higher so standing on the bike is also easier to accomplish (though not perfect, I still have to raise the handlebars for that particular trick).
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Brake Pedal Cover for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-929,   SKU: BB52-929


Exactly what I needed

From day one I felt the brake pedal on my GL1833 was a pit small and too close to the bike. This brake pedal extender makes it so much nicer to use, and I don't feel like I have to move my foot as much to get the bike to respond to the rear brake.I installed this at the same time as the mini floorboards, so for me the height is perfect as it is exactly where I want it to be when my foot is on the floorboards. I could see if you still had the pegs it would be a bit high though.I do wish it came in black, but the chrome seems to be pretty well done.
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