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3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners w/Reinforced Corners for GL1800, GL1500


Bags to go

Wanted somethig that would fit in the Goldwing trunk and side trunks. this set looks good and for the price, it is a better deal than the Honda line bags. Now when we stop for the night, just grab the bags and go.
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Cargo Bungie Nets 13x13 in 7-Colors


Red net

The net will cover the rear seat of the Goldwing, so I can carry extra stuff without it falling off. Looks good, and the red goes with my bike. Geat deal for the price.
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Factory OEM Air Filter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: HO17210MCAA60,   SKU: HO17210MCAA60


OEM for me

OEM parts are always going to work and fit. Downfall is the time it takes to install on the Goldwing. I also installed the intake screens because the mice are why I had to change this filter, 10k miles on the bike is to soon to replace it.
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Smoke Turnsignals for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451228S,   SKU: AO451228S


Match the headlights

Installed these with the switchback bulbs. Install was easy and look great. They also match the look of the headlights. Great upgrade to the front of the Goldwing.
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Pathfinder Switchback LED Bulb


Nice and Bright

I put these in new smoked lenses, didn't order the kit because I had the led flasher installed already. Running light is very bright and the turn signal is the same. More light on the front of the Wing the better to be seen. Easy install.
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Pathfinder Rear LED Conversion Kit w/ Ultra-Flash Brake Lights


If you can't see me, your eyes are closed.

Best upgrade to the lights on the back of the GoldWing. Flash 4 times then stay solid when breaks are applied. Only hard part on the install is the new flasher, I went thru the dash. In the end well worth the time and money.
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Passenger Backrest Cover ONLY with Comfort Wedge for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR489502,   SKU: TR489502


Set up straight

Fits well over OEM back rest, looks good. Easy install, but not sure if the heat can be felt thru the cover, didn't try that yet. It makes a better ride for the wife on the back now.
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Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800


Better to be seen

Lights look and work great, fit well and easy to install. Just take your time a follow the instructions . Plug and play makes it easy and safer, no wires to cut.
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Air Filter Intake Screens for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO45-1257,   SKU: AO45-1257


The Mice stopper

Getting the 2017 Wing out this spring, and checked the air filter intake with a endoscope, and guess what I found? A full Mouse nest. So a new filter and a set of screens were on order. They are metal with a rubber O-ring to hold them on, fit is spot on. Wish I would have put these on when the bike was new. If you are in the country, or have mice around, this is a MUST have.
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Rubber Remote Cover for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: AO451699B,   SKU: AO451699B


Scratch and rattle free

This cover fits the fob very well, a little hard getting the key ring back on, but can be done. Must have for a scratch and rattle free ride.
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LED Lighted Cruise Boards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU4058,   SKU: KU4058


Ease the pain

The boards look great and fit well, easy install. But the boards are a little lose at the fold point, and can not tighten. Overall great product.
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Stop & Go Motorcycle Tubeless Puncture Pilot
ITEM CODE: TR150219,   SKU: TR150219


Better than walking

The Wife and I ride the back roads mostly, needed something to fix a flat tire on the road. The has everything needed in a small package and will stay in the said bag of the Goldwing, and hope it will never be needed.
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