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Seabrook, TX, US, 77586-414




Teaching part time at College of the Mainland

Retired from Parker Hannifin

Ran a Hurricane Harvey Relief Job Training Program for the college

Pull a trailer with my Wing (it doesn't know it is back there)

Love to tour and have been riding since I was 12, it is in my blood.
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Retired Hydraulics Sales Manager and now an Instructor at College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX

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Die with Memories, Not Dreams

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Red/Silver 2012 Honda Goldwing

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Black 2015 Honda Goldwing

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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly

I love this Park-N-Move. I’ve had a 2012 four years and recently purchased a 2015 CSC converted in 2020. Having the Trike takes up a lot of room in my two car garage. Now I can turn the 2012 around then move it to the fast side increasing my floor space. I’m just shy of 77, weigh 172 and following the video using 3/4” plywood under the rear wheel I can easily put the Wing on the dolly. I’ve read some of the comments and frankly find the negative ones very surprising.
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Angel Eye Speaker Light Kit

These look so good on any Wing! NOTE: the speaker grills come off very easy. The instructions are STUPID as they want you to tear down the entire speaker system when in fact the grills remove so easily (they can be removed with a plastic interior removal tool). The wiring is so simple a Cave Man can do it!
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Throttle Wing for Goldstrike Grips Black
ITEM CODE: CI57004,   SKU: CI57004

I now have two Goldwings, one two wheels (2012 Red) and a 2015 Trike (CSC Viper converted in 2020). I put the Goldstrike grips on the 2012 and then added the Throttle Wing, what an improvement. I had tried clip-on units that actually made my wrist hurt during long rides, adding the throttle wing made that go away. It is also easy to move your hand into the normal throttle position when you wish so your don't get tired. I recently purchased the Trike and immediately ordered the grips and throttle wing and I won't look back. Hope this helps your decision. Both products are amazing for me.
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Lower Wind Deflecting Trike Wings for GL1800

Great product, it keeps the lower wind from us. With winter coming on we decided to add these to the new Goldwing Trike (CSC Viper). Last weekend we took a long trip with friends and were amazed at the results. Hope this helps your decision.
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Sentinel LED Passenger Armrest Lights Chrome
ITEM CODE: AO45-1854,   SKU: AO45-1854

Amazing product and an attention getter. I have a 2012 two wheeler and now a 2015 Trike. The 2012 has had them for many months and I wish Honda would offer them as standard equipment.One thing to note, the 3M tape is not thick enough and I had to replace it with thicker tape on the 2012. Once I received the 2015's I had the same issue and after the left came off (I cleaned the surfaces on both bikes well) I changed to thicker tape. Other than that they are an extreme safety ITEM for every bike, pulling a trailer or not.
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Black LED Accessory Switch

I have two Goldwing and this purchase is for my newest (2015 CSC Trike 40th edition). These switches are great. I choose black for both bikes so they don't glare in the Texas sun.
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Essentials Trike Touring Cover
ITEM CODE: BB4-365,   SKU: BB4-365

Fits my 2015 Goldwing CSC Trike like a glove. It's a great dust cover for the garage. Lightweight and looks durable. I highly suggest it!
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Chrome Radio Knob Set for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52709,   SKU: BB52709

As these knobs to your radio and they change the looks of your bike immediately. Add two more for your gas lid lock and glove box lock. They are so convenient. Look up how to do it on U-Tube.
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LED Flasher for GL1800

If you as LED lights you will need this flasher. Easily installed from the front. Just remove the speaker cover then 4 bolts and the flasher is looking at you being the instrument panel. Takes about 20 minutes to install. You can't go wrong!
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ITEM: AO451244

This fender addition has such eerie appeal. I already had it on my 2012 and recently purchased a Trike (CSC). I added it to the trike immediately. This is a must for Wings.
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Red LED w/Clear Lense Chrome Trunk Handle
ITEM CODE: KU3215,   SKU: KU3215

I have NO idea why Honda doesn't put a trunk handle on the Wing. How cheap of them. I have a 2012 Wing and immediately put one on it. I recently purchased a 2015 40 Anniversary that is Triked with a California Sidecar. Can you believe, even the Anniversary Edition had no trunk handle. I immediately added one. The bike is black and has a lot of chrome. Adding this chrome handle to the trunk really sticks out. I love the handle.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

I purchased my 2012 Wing USED with only 17087 miles on it back in 2018. It already had a belly pan but it was a solid piece of aluminum. I recently make a trip from Texas to South Dakota. Along the way I encountered a piece of 2 X 4 that drastically damaged the aluminum belly pan. It was so deformed that I decided to replace it. Looking on Wingstuff I found this Stainless Steel and Vented belly pan and I immediately ordered it. The construction is great and now my engine can breath and the stainless Steel is so much more durable. I have shown it to my Wing friends and they are now ordering them.
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