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Very Impressive! Just self installed on a 2018 GL1800D. Not an easy install. My expectations were low considering the 4' speakers, but wearing earplugs and Bluetoothe weren't cutting it either. I am impressed. Would be giving 5 stars, but what can you expect for sound quality out of such tiny speakers? New set up is LOUD! and all things considered sound decent for such tiny speakers. At 70+ miles per hour even with earplugs you can definitely hear it. Going from stock radio no external amp with stock speakers, this package is definite hit it out of the park.
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Passenger Arm Rests for 2018-2020 Gold Wing Tour

These Arm Rests are typical for my high expectations of Rivco products.
When you first pick one of these arm rests up, they have a solid feel to them. It is not a product that feels like they will break, or bend if your passenger puts their weight on them when they shift their butt in your seat. These Rivco arm rests also provide flexibility for width, that in my opinion is a bonus.
If you watch the video produced by Cruiseman, you'll see installing this product is not difficult. Honda designed that mounting location as a good forethought, giving Rivco a sturdy mount for these sturdy arm rests.
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Driving Lights for 2018+ Gold Wing

I will admit, I am a Rivco Product fan. Some may call me a Rivco groupie. But like every great musical group, clinkers are produced every now and then.

I am not a fan of these lights. The engineering and quality hardware-wise are all Rivco EXCELLENCE! But the light they produce are sucked into a dark hole at 15 to 20 feet from my perspective in the driver seat.

LED lights are notorious for being extremely bright, but that light diffuses after just a short distance.

Oncoming traffic will see the LED lights, but that same light does me little good for seeing. As a motorcyclist we want see as well as be seen, so these get us part way there.

The installation of these lights are pretty straight forward and not difficult. The lights when turned on operate all the time. That is during high and low beam, and (this kind of sucks) when bike ignition is in accessory mode. So be aware in the summer time when sitting there listening to your radio with your engine off waiting for construction your driver lights maybe on, draining your battery.

LED lights that do work really well go through a magnification projector lens, unfortunately these LED light do not, and that is why I only give this product 2 stars. For this price I do expect....more light further for me to see.

Ride Safe!
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Hidden Trailer Hitch for 2018+ Gold Wing

I'm not disappointed with this Rivco trailer hitch product. It is well made and engineered. But this is what I really want to rave about. The Cruiseman video associated with the installation. This made the installation of this trailer hitch so danged easy and convenient that (my humble opinion) it raised the value of this product significantly. So, Wingstuff thank you for associating the Cruiseman video with the Hitch, thank you Rivco for making a good product, and Cruiseman....dude you rock! You made this installation of the Rivco Trailer Hitch straight forward simple.
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