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black 2015 Honda gl1800

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red 2021 Honda DCT Tour

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blue 2020 BMW R1250RT

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Magnetic Drain Plug and Washer Combo for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT

The OEM bolt is 15mm not 12mm in length. When you add the washer you only have about 10 to 11mm of thread. When torqued to specs this setup may strip out of the aluminum threaded pan.The 17mm head also reduces the available space to fit a wrench in the heavily grooved pan. The OEM bolt has a 12mm head for that reason.
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Spoiler Run/Brake Harness for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: EC02110,   SKU: EC02110

installed on my 21 GW as part of the rack and brake light installation. This should have been OEM!
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Goldstrike Grips Chrome for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI57001,   SKU: CI57001

superb quality, easy install, great feel and looks. Took 3K trip and loved them. Grip heat functions perfectly. I turned the logo down since Goldstrike doesn't pay me to advertise for them.
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Front Fender Tip Black
ITEM CODE: CI78251,   SKU: CI78251

Poor fit due to tape using up the space required for the part to slide onto the fender.Easy to install, easy to come off. (by itself)
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Swingarm Pivot Covers Black
ITEM CODE: CI78111,   SKU: CI78111

cheap plastic in hi gloss. The OEM parts look a LOT better. These are supposed to be scuff protectors for boots. Why make them in hi gloss?? So they scuff easier??They also don't fit correctly. They leave a wide crack at the bottom since they don't follow the frame curve correctly. Just cheap junk.These things should be made out of stainless steel (for the price!) which would actually be scuff resistent...
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The Revolution Driver Backrest
ITEM CODE: KU8930,   SKU: KU8930

I have purchased one of these and installed it without any trouble after replacing the original seat bolts with 80mm stainless steel ones so as not to strip the puny threads in the aluminum frame with the now dangerously too short OEM screws.The Velcro pouch attachment backing glue on the backrest failed after a short time and just came apart. Wingstuff sent me a complete new set at no charge. The Velcro on it also came undone after about a year, together with the pouch which just disappeared during a trip.. A call to Kuryakin and lengthy discussion with Greg revealed that they would NOT stand behind the product since I bought the first one almost 2 years ago. regardless of the fact that Wingstuff had replaced it once during that time. Turns out this is a cheaply made Chinese product which Kuryakin buys lots of and spare parts are not available.At the current price of almost $400.00 the only alternative would be to buy a third one. At that cost I can buy a whole new heated seat including a back rest from multiple US manufacturers. Ridiculous!!So buyer beware.
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Pathfinder LED High Performance Bulb 7443 Red
ITEM CODE: AO7443R,   SKU: AO7443R

I purchased 6 of these to convert all rear bulbs on my 2015 GW to running and brake lights.
First observation: They did not "Click" into the OEM socket as solid als the OEM incandescent bulbs. They fit but not as well as they should.
Second observation: They provided great, strong light. But on one of the bulbs the center inside the cage was rotated about 20 degrees, so when observed from the outside it looked crooked in the lamp. Could not be fixed since the socket provides a predetermined position when locked in correctly.

When removing the lamp one little contact came out of the bulb socket and made the bulb useless. When checking the other bulbs they worked alright but all were lose in the socket.

Which esentially means they could either flicker on the road or fail completely. So I went and bought a Sylvania 7443 just to find out it was just as lose in the socket. Junk as well. As a last resort I bought a Philips 7443 Vision 12yr warranty ( They come in a two pack for $29 on the Internet). These locked into the socket with a solid click and some serious pressure. They will never come out. And are guaranteed form12 years. The pathfinders have NO warranty.

So buyer beware.
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