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Black Cherry Red 2008 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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In Memory of Bruce Baker

Remembering Bruce Baker
Thank you for sharing this wonderful and inspiring video about Bruce Baker. I have installed Baker Built air wings on several bikes over the years and have always appreciated the craftsmanship and attention to detail. I knew that Baker Built was a family owned company, but this video really shows the wit, ingenuity and passion of the man behind the products. It is always sad to see our older generation pass away, but people like Bruce will certainly be remembered for their contribution to the true American way of life. On a side note, I may need to add Ohio City to my future tour list, if for no reason than to visit that great restaurant you and Bruce dined in! Ride safe.

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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800

This is the second "Ride Off" centerstand I have purchased. The first was more than twenty years ago, for a GL-1500, which I used for many years, without any problems. This stand works like a charm, and is preferable to the original OEM centerstand, in my option. As others have indicated in their reviews, the difficult part of mounting this stand is actually getting the OEM stand off. Knowing that the right side, hex head, bolt is a reverse thread, and finding a way of getting enough leverage on the left side to break loose the socket head, Allen Head, bolt, is the key. I read a lot of reviews, here and on other sites, applied a lot on W-D 40, used leverage with a cheater pipe to extend the wrench handle, and then, with patience, I was able to get both bolts, and the return spring off successfully. The coin trick for the spring is genius and works well, both in getting the spring off and getting it back on, when reinstalling. Getting the new centerstand on is a piece of cake, as long as you are patient and take occasional breaks from turning each bolt,1/8 rotation at a time, for about a million revolutions. In the end, I wasn't bloody or disappointed in how the new centerstand fits on the bike. The foot pad does sit forward of where the OEM leg sat, but looks fine and works well. Getting the bike onto the stand takes, literally, about 25% of the effort required for the original stand. As long as you realize the limitations of this "balance" stand, compared the stability of the OEM stand, and only deploy it on a flat, level surface, you'll love your decision.
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New Generation Foot Wings for GL1800

I recently installed these foot wings on my 2008 GL-1800. Once the hardware was attached to the foot wings, they simply clip onto the front crash bars. I did note that the foot wing on one side did not seem to clip in as securely as on the other side. Having had the past experience of losing a foot wing device on the my former GL-1500, I decided to secure each of these wings with a cable tie, attached to the crash bar. I carry a small wire cutter with my tools, so I can easily remove the foot wings if necessary. I have ridden about 50 miles with the foot wings attached so far, with no sign of any shifting or loosening. The weather was too mild / dry to notice any major difference, but I expect that they will help keep my feet warmer and dryer in more harsh conditions.
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LED Fog Light Kit w/ DRTS Lights for GL1800

I recently installed these LED Fog / Day Time Running Lights on my 2008 GL-1800, replacing the original Honda factory installed lights. Installation took a couple of hours, mostly to remove and replace plastic panels and run the wiring. In the process, I replaced the (non-illuminated) fog light switch with the back-lit one supplied in the kit, which makes it much easier to access the button when riding after dark. Even with the fog lights off, the white DTR lights make the wing much more conspicuous in daytime traffic. When a turn signal is on, the light on that side flashes yellow, which increases the awareness of other drivers, that you're turning. Likewise, when the emergency flashers are activated, both turn signals in the fog lights flash, in the opposite pattern as the DRLs. I have not ridden at night yet, so I am able to report the effectiveness of the LED fog lights themselves, but I am more than satisfied with the fit, finish and function of the DRL and amber turn signal components. I consider this an important lighting upgrade that is an improvement over the versatility and effectiveness of the OEM fog lights.
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Dash Switch Illumination Kit for GL1800/F6B
ITEM CODE: EC01350,   SKU: EC01350

After I received these lights, I installed them exactly as indicated in the instructions. Rode for several months, apparently never after dark, until last night.

After starting the bike in dead darkness (took me a minute to find the key hole, but that's a different story), I turned into the street and was immediately startled by what appeared to be a set of headlights immediately in front of me.

Turns out, I was looking at the (very bright) reflection of the dash lights in my (Show chrome) windshield. The remained of the 30 minute ride was miserable, having to hold my head at angle off to the side to avoid the glare in the windshield.

After I got home, I looked at the four previous reviews for these dash lights, and low and behold, one reviewer noted the same issue with an aftermarket windshield.

For the record, the reflections are from the light that shines up between the buttons, not from around the thumb wheels. If the LED lights were mounted facing towards the rear (thumb wheels) instead of upwards (between the buttons), this might resolve the problem.
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Fold Down Antenna Mount Flag Pole w/Flag for Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52713,   SKU: BB52713

After seeing these antenna mounted flag poles on another Goldwing, I purchased one to replace my old flag pole that was mounted on the trunk rack. I decided to mount the new flag pole on the right (AM/FM) radio antenna, since I was uncertain what effect the antenna would have on the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) tuning of the (left) CB antenna.

The mounting system is not intuitive however. It basically is held in place by friction on the shaft of the radio antenna. While it really can not fall off, it would be possible for the flag pole mount to vibrate loose. However, in the 2 months since it was mounted, the flag pole has remained solidly attached after hundreds of miles of riding.

As far as for flag wear, I expect to replace the flag on an annual basis, just like I've done with the previous trunk rack mounted flag pole. I have noticed that, depending on the wind/travel direction, the flag will usually fly straight back but does occasionally wrap around the whip radio antenna.

In summary, flag pole/flag looks good while parked or going down the road. Expect normal wear/tear on the flag and carefully read the directions twice before you try to mount the pole. It's not hard, just not obvious how it mounts.
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Universal Black LED Battery Gauge
ITEM CODE: KU4218,   SKU: KU4218

I have one of these LED battery gauges on my last three bikes and have never had one fail. On my 2008 Goldwing, I mounted the black version just below the left corner of the right front speaker - basically, opposite of where the lever for the foot warmers is located on the left side. In that position, I can see the gauge by glancing forward and down when riding. A small hole was drilled for the power wire, which I ran across to the wiring for the 12 volt connector in the left fairing pocket. Easy modification to do.
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