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Econo Accessory Lighted Switch Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO18187,   SKU: AO18187

When installing run your wires to each area of the bike (front, side, rear, driving) when lighted that section will be on not lights not on simple. Tip: the green and the spade are the switched line, and wiring is attached to the spade near the green
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Freewire Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Honda Goldwing

I pre ordered my freewire waited 2 1/2 months, bought duel S20's now saving for the 2nd freewire for the passenger. Everything I have tested is first rate, sound, phone, CB and mp3 all come in clear. Was a snap to pair installed in left side pocket (on the lid) my only complaint to many wires in the box. If you are ready to cut the cord then this is the what you should use. PS have some tips one where freewire #2 will be mounted.
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Freewire Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Honda Goldwing

I pre ordered mine and waited, and waited almost 2 months it is worth the wait. I have the S20 paired with it and get all the cord provided. I oped to stick in the left pocket box and use the included charge plug. If your going bluetooth you need to get this! The real plus you look waaaaay to cool.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233

I also have a 2002 wing bought from 2nd owner, almost every after market part one could install. I later replaced most all of it as it was old and scratched or damaged. Last year rebuilt the forks and lived with the new changes until one day on a short run I noticed the dreaded wobble. Checked with the local shop and asked about the condition of the wheel bearings, the when on to sell me new progressives nice but no deal finally mentioned I should retork the head bearings. So back to front wheel and forks removal. I was just going to repack OEM and inspection look good (until) I lost one of the top balls! So off to wingstuff to get the all balls set. While I am on the subject Wingstuff. I ordered on a Sunday and by Monday they were on there way guess they understood my predicament great service thanks guys! On with the babble, the oem races pop right out I used a long socket extension (be sure to look for the lip of the race as the seat will not move) installing was a little bit more work with out a proper race driver (if they get started a little crooked you will need to give them a tap from the inside to correct) Okay finally! hand pack your new bearing re assemble and retork. No wobble turns feel secure and knowing you did the job right!
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Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

I now have the complete set of wings, the person I bought the bike from had some painted rendition of the hand wing was not even mounted with the correct hardware. I installed the new hand wings now they all match (light smoke) air flow is adjustable and can direct heat to the rider if needed or away in the summer months. If your wanting to try them do not hesitate they work.
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