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White 2006 Honda Gold Wing

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Silver 2005 Harley FLSTFI

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Titanium 2008 Honda Goldwing

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ITEM: SG01200

The mirrors are adjustable within the housing; up/down and side to side. But, there is a limit to how much they will move.

The previous reviewer at 6'5" apparently needs more movement than the mirror can provide. I'm 6'1" and had no problem getting a correct set up. However, I didn't rely solely on the adjustability of the mirror - see below.

When I installed the housing, I canted each one to the outside in order to provide better coverage of each blind spot area. This means that the flange on the blind spot mirror was not fully snugged up to the frame on the GW mirror - only the outside edge was touching. I firmly snugged up the mounting bolt and it's as solid as can be. I think the flange is supposed to be completely up against the GW mirror for stability, but I have ridden many miles without a problem.

Coverage is excellent using all 4 mirrors - probably 340 degrees. I can track a vehicle moving from the GW mirror, overlapping into the blind spot mirror and finally overlapping into my peripheral vision. I get a continuous picture of where traffic movement all around me.

It would be nice if they could be purchased in GW matching paint, but then they wouldn't be $20 either. I don't understand why the mounting bracket is bare galvanized metal. Even though only a small portion of it is exposed once the mirror is mounted, the strip of bare metal is unacceptable even though it's easy to prime/ paint. I guess that's what you get for $20.
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Power Sport Tire Inflator
ITEM CODE: WP40061,   SKU: WP40061

more than adequate inflation pump for the price. As others have noted, it can't be plugged into fairing pocket plugs. Draws just a little too much juice for those outlets. Those outlets have a 5 amp fuse. Direct connect to the battery would be the safest.
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ITEM: AO451838

Acceptable chrome quality, nice usable design and shape, however there was an inexcusable quality problem with mine.

As you would expect, the foot on each leg is cut at an angle to match the contour of the GL1800 trunk lid. One of these legs was welded on to the main rack with the angled foot incorrectly oriented by at least 90 degrees. That leg therefore rested on the pointed side of the angled foot and not flush with the lid.

Additionally, if you look at the product pictures you will notice that it appears the legs are probably touching the spoiler. If don't want these 2 parts touching, moving the rack forward just a little will result the front part of the rack (sharp corners) to poke into the passenger backrest. This might or might not prove to be a problem over time.

Returned and will not try another one.
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