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Mens DeerSports PCI Gloves Black/Tan


Fantastic gloves!

Didn't know Wingstuff even sold these Lee Parks Design gloves until I was trolling the site today looking at goodies for the new 2018. I bought these gloves at the 2015 AIM show in Orlando from Lee at his manufacturer's dealer booth. He waited on me (super nice guy) and he sold me on the merits -- they do indeed "fit like a glove", including a perfect finger length (for me at least) and wonderfully smooth palm that feels good for hundreds of miles a day. The material and workmanship was so superior to nearly every glove I had tried on for the months leading up to this purchase. I knew I needed new gloves -- I just didn't know about these. The cuff is generously cut to fit over any jacket sleeve I own, and it also has a Velcro tab for snugging down against your sleeves. Atop the wrist is a 3" zig-zag of elastic to keep the glove lightly pinched, and then there is an adjustable Velcro strap across the inside of the wrist to further tighten up the fit to your liking. That strap was thoughtfully designed with an oversize tab at the end so the strap never exits the fold-over buckle, as happens with so many other gloves (which are always a pain to re-thread, especially when your gloves are already on). When properly adjusted, no air leakage whatsoever! The leather, a mix of elk (55%) and deer (45%), is very soft supple. If I remember correctly, I think Lee said the elk was for strength and the deer for feel. I also liked the two-toned effect of the black and tan finish. Not only does the two-tone look good (to me anyway) but Lee also pointed out that it provides visual contrast and helps others more quickly distinguish your intentions when you are signalling with your hands. I now have about 20K miles on them, and they are my favorite three season glove (just a little too warm for day time summer use). The tag says to wash every 6 months with a mild detergent and hang to air dry. I'm chicken to try it but they still look like new, except for a little discoloration at the inside ends of the fingers, I assume due to clutch and brake lever residue, with all seams nice and tight. Not inexpensive but a good example of "you get what you pay for". I imagine that, with care, these are 10, if not 20, year gloves. Buy 'em!
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