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HyperKewl Soakable Cooling Deluxe Wide Neck Tie
ITEM CODE: TN6520,   SKU: TN6520

I have tried the vests and other neck coolers and have to say that these are the best that I have tried. For the price you will not be disappointed. They do dry up after about 1 to 2 hours, depending on temperatures. I would recommend buying several so that you can change them out without having to do a pre-soak. Another benefit is that it keeps the sun off of your neck, another advantage.
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Ergo III Chrome Adjustable Arm Cruise Mount w/ Dually Pegs
ITEM CODE: KU4081,   SKU: KU4081

I have been holding off and finally got a pair for a 1,400 mile ride. Took off on the ride and was not sure what to expect. The first day was over 600 miles. WOW is all I can say, what a difference they made. They are worth every penny if you do any long distance rides. I love how they automatically lift up for cornering and the ability to adjust them to your personal leg length.
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Front Nose Mask for GL1800

Love the protection that it gives the bike. Fits perfectly. Would not be without it on a long ride!!
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AirHawk R Air Seat Cushion

Recently went on a 700 mile ride and after the first 100, my back was killing me. Pain shooting down my left leg, turns out it is a sciatic nerve. Thought this will stop me from riding motorcycles.

Did some research and saw several comments about the Airhawk, thought that I have nothing to loose, so pulled the trigger.

Rode almost 200 miles today and NO PAIN, could have kept going... I am a very objective customer reference - butt (thats right) this thing saved me.

Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone suffering from the same problem.
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