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Simon Templar

Kernersville, NC, US, 27284


Simon Templar


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FAA, Retired --- 1982-2012

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Black Anodized Sidestand Pad
ITEM CODE: RIGL18013,   SKU: RIGL18013

Ok guys, let's be honest about all of this. Some have had troubles with this and some install in only a couple minutes. I am afraid that I am one of the ones who had to put some (as in 3 hours, give or take) work into it. BUT.....the problem is NOT Rivco's fault.

The F6B kickstand is a casting. A quick glance tells you that. The stands are cast and then final shaping is done by hand. Clearly, some stands receive more shaping than others. Apparently some workers are willing to put in extra effort and some do not.

In my case, the foot of the stand was too thick fit into the channel of this pad. In my case, I needed to use a hand file to shape a lip on the aft edge of the kickstand foot in order for it to properly fit the channel of the pad. Then after getting the proper shape, I had to repaint the stand as I'd filed most of the paint off of it.

However, after 3 hours of filing and fitting and install nicely and does a great job in service.

It would have been nice if Honda had a little more consistency in their manufacturing of the stand...but the fact that they don't can't be blamed on Rivco.

When the stand is up, the edge of the pad comes terribly close to the pipes...but it DOES clear.

The pad is well made (for what it is) and cleanly finished. I'd buy it again.
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Smoke Signal Lenses w/ Amber Bulb
ITEM CODE: BB52733SK,   SKU: BB52733SK

I just put these on my F6B. I can see why someone might think the foam is a problem.....but it's not. Not if you go about the installation in the right manner.

RESIST the urge to reuse the OEM lens foam. Not only is it lightweight and fragile....but if you're taking it off of your original lenses which have been already installed....then it's probably nearly worn out anyway.

The trick to the supplied foam is not to install the lenses into the housing...but rather to install the housing onto the lenses.

First, ground the foam with your fingers and press it down as flat as you can. It is a memory type foam and will slowly spring back.

Next...Install the lenses on the mirror frame, aligning the holes for the screws with the holes in the frame. While holding the lens in place on the frame...slowly but firmly work the housing onto the lens. It takes a little while as you have to be slow but firm...but the housing will go into place.

Once installed....the memory foam is a FAR better seal against the elements than the cheap Honda foam ever was. It will expand and fill any open crevices between the lens and the housing..sealing it tight.

The amber bulbs are not nearly dark enough. But that is about the ONLY bad thing I can say about these so far.

Speaking as an engineer, I VERY rarely get to say that a product has been properly designed. This one fits the bill, however.
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