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Hawkseye Blue Pearl 2018 Honda GL1833

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White 2017 Honda GL1832

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T-Valve Optional Accessory for TPMS

I purchased it for use on my 2018 CSC Trike-DCT Tour GW, for which I added TPMS since I lost the rear OEM TPMS with the conversion. As with most after-market TPMS, they suggest using metal valve stems; thus, I made the purchase. This will provide stable-rigid mounting to the TPMS valve stem-mounted TPMS monitors. The product was as described and gave me peace of mind of mounting to a rigid valve stem, particularly for the two rear car tires with rubber-mounted valve stems. Good quality chrome as well!
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Fairing Eyebrow Accent for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: KU7362,   SKU: KU7362

This came in chrome, and I have a white Pearl GW with the Black trim. I plastic dipped the "Brow" black, which came out in great contrast to the white pearl paint. Of course, it was ez application 3m tape, and don't forget to clean the area for mounting and use the 3m primer for a good adhesive bond and worry-free years of this farkle.
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Fred Harmon's Maintenance DVD Set for 2001-2017

I have the Fred Harmon DIY videos for my 2018 DCT Tour which has saved me much money and allowed me to appreciate DIY service and learn about this wonderful machine! I had the DVD set for the 2012 GW but sold them after I sold the 2012 GW. That being the case, I just added to the stable by purchasing a 2017 GL1832 and required the DVDs to continue maintaining my newest addition. It was a no-brainer, being I have experience with the time-proven DIY videos that Fred has provided us GW enthusiasts.
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New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

Well, I ordered these Baker Air Wings based on being a previous purchaser in the past to outfit my 2012 GW. I love their product, and the build quality is solid metal! I acquired a 2017 GW Pearl White, so I ordered the "Dark Smoke" Baker Air Wings with Black hardware to create contrast against the Pearl White GW. It appears the stock on hand at Baker Air Wings was low, as I had about a week to get them delivered to me. I did notice the color appears to be the Light Smoke version instead of the Dark Smoke version. I decided to keep them and was happy with the visual I got on inspection after installation. These Baker Airwings flat-out work as described, those who have them know these have a long history of air management on our beloved Gold Wings! Mr. Baker, RIP, sure designed a superior product as time history has proven they work!
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Multi Plug-N-Play Harness for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7302,   SKU: KU7302

Works as described and simple installation for adding additional LEDs to your Gold Wing with Kurry products.
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Rear Accessory Light Plug & Play Harness
ITEM CODE: KU3230,   SKU: KU3230

The product is described and functions as it was designed to do. I have previous purchase history of Kurry products and the installation is a breeze! Love those extra LEDs for safety out here with the cagers that don't see us!
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

What can I say about the Bridgestone G704? Well, being a Gold Wing kind of guy that is very satisfied with the Bridgestone MC tires and getting bang for my money by taking advantage of the Rebate! You just can't go wrong! These Bridgestones wear very well, track spot on, and stick to the road whether dry or wet. It's all about the ride with confidence and that what counts with me.
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Black/Grey Motorcycle Trailer Cover

I actually purchased this for my Bushtec Roadstar. I have the same cover on my Bushtec Quantum as well. Based on the Florida weather, I can usually get a couple of years on these covers. Mind you, and the trailers are exposed to the weather 24-7 by Florida standards. The Roadstar is shorter than the Quantum but I am able to cover the cooler with the extra length. Shipping & Delivery was great!
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709

I am in shock! I ordered the Bridgestones with the $50 rebate. I placed the order on June 26th and the Bridgestones were delivered and on the front porch around 10 AM! Not even 24 hours after I placed the order! No that is AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! Yes, I do realize that type of service can't be done daily, but just at Atta-Boy to WingStuff! How can you not do business with such an organization? This all worked out great because I will be having the tires mounted on my recent 2017 GW purchase. The maintenance projects are in full motion in getting the GW up to speed knowing I have a clean slate on maintenance on the new to me GW. Oh Boy, next some farkles.
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ITEM: KU3250

Adds just the right amount of flare without looking to outlandish, simple install! So far so good.
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