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NERC Reliability Certificate holder.
When you are ready for a dog, please consider adoption from a rescue. After an initial adjustment to "a real home" instead of a box or a cage, GREYHOUNDS make great indoor family pets. No undercoat to shed, don’t smell, very laid back. They only require a fenced yard so they can run a few times a day to burn off energy, the short burst last about 20 seconds then they are ready for the couch again !* They are sight hounds, but can run so fast and can cover a mile in seconds they can easily loose track of where they live. They do not have the "follow the scent home" like most dogs, so they need to be in a fenced yard for their safety.. Thanks for considering it ..When your ready of course.
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Electrical Transmission Operator North American Electric Reliability Council

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Black w/ Custom 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C90

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Met Silver 2007 Honda Goldwing

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Does not really hold stuff very well, does not fit well either.. ok, maybe gloves... but things roll out the bottom as it is not fully attached to anything.
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LED Trunk Spoiler Running Light Converter
ITEM CODE: BB52734,   SKU: BB52734

This is a must, easy to install !You need to fish a wire, but thats pretty straight forward.. Trememdious illumination running & braking !
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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen

The first add-on I got... SUPER bright LEDs, great safety item, and looks like it belongs..
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Battery Tender JR 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017122,   SKU: SOMS017122

This is probably the best winter accessory in Nebraska !!! Easy to use. Pigtail is asy to install..
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12V DC GL1800 Fairing Power Socket
ITEM CODE: HO08U55MCA101,   SKU: HO08U55MCA101

Ya gotta have this.. You do need a splitter though...
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Waterproof Lighted Volt Meter
ITEM CODE: HO37453ZW5000ZA,   SKU: HO37453ZW5000ZA

Very easy to install.. you do need to run your own 12V on the 07. I didnt find an oem connector under the right pocket on my 07..
Still easy to do, looks & functions perfectly.. I got the entire panel so all I had to do was swap the lock..EZ EZ EZ
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Chrome Dually Driver Replacement Footpegs
ITEM CODE: KU7938,   SKU: KU7938

Good Kuryakyn quality HOWEVER.... These do not have a scrape nub.. I realized this out when I was scraping my pegs & discovered I was scraping the chrome off the bottom edge... DOUGH!
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Iso-Grip Set w/Chrome Accent Ring
ITEM CODE: KU6180,   SKU: KU6180

Have always liked these grips.. BUT on the Wing the left grip is pretty loose the left one needs a sleave or a few turns of electrical tape first before the glue !!
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ITEM: KU7314

These are cool-plastic chrome is pretty good !!! Make sure you get it mounted right the first time !
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Quality is absolute junk. Edges came curled right out of the package.. I would not be seen with these on my bike.. Cheap plastic looking/feeling material. Sent them back right away !
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

Nice & adjustable.. Dont like the way mine keeps flipping upside down. The rear pouch could be attached better-flops around in the wind if empty. Easy to install, the dealer did it :)
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