Dunlop Elite 4 Tire COMBO for GL1800


Dunlop Elite 4 Tire COMBO for GL1800
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Mileage, mileage and more mileage: Dunlop’s all-new Elite 4 with MT Multi-Tread rear tires provide significantly more mileage than single-compound tires.

All Elite 4 rear tires utilize Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread technology with a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire and a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder, providing increased mileage without sacrificing handling.

New tread pattern helps provide class-leading wet-pavement performance, even wear over the life of the tire, and less road noise.

Available in radial and bias-ply construction, the Elite 4 fits hundreds of touring, cruiser and standard bikes, including current and non-current machines.

High-mileage, even-wear characteristics, and great grip- the all-new Elite 4.

COMBO includes (sold as pair):

  • 1 Dunlop Elite 4 GL1800 Front Tire 130/70R18
  • 1 Dunlop Elite 4 GL1800 Rear Tire 180/60R16

31 Member Reviews

Elite 4

On my second set, just shy of 20,000 on rear, 26,000 front. Running 42psi rear and 41psi front. Only negative is front tire likes to track rain groves/cuts on freeways.

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Maggie Valley, NC

Just replaced this set of E-4's. Mileage was 17,424 on the rear and 11,372 on the front. They were balanced with balance beads and the pressures were ran at 42 front and 44 rear. Riding consisted of a mix of mountains. ( I live in Maggie Valley N.C) and highway. Several trips of 2-3k miles each. On these trips I did pull a Bushtech trailer. I replaced this set with a exact replacement inclusive of new valve stems and balance beads. I would recommend them with the understanding that they will get somewhat noisy near the end of service life. The tires I pulled off were still considered safe but were down to the wear bars.

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Weslaco, TX
I have been impressed (updated) *** Updated 11-24-2018 ***

20,000 miles on the front tire. As I said in my last review, I hit a bolt on the highway that punctured my rear tire at 15,000 miles on it, so I now have 5,000 miles on the rear and 20,000 miles on the front. I can still go a bit more on the front tire, maybe 25,000? We will see. The front still looks great (no cupping). Based on other reviews, I am wondering if the centramatics that I installed on the front and rear are helping prolong the tire life without any issues. If so, it was money well spent.

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Weslaco, TX
I have been impressed (updated)

*** Updated 09-04-2018 ***

With 15,000 miles on the tires...

This is my second update to an original review I did on these tires. My wife and I road two up and we pulled a motorcycle trailer our last two trips, the last being 6,385 miles. The tires continue to perform without any issues. Handling and comfort, as well as wet weather traction are all great.

Unfortunately, on the way home with about 120 miles remaining on our trip, I hit a bolt on the highway and it made a finger sized hole in the rear tire, almost instantly deflating the tire at 80 miles per hour. The bike felt squishy on the rear but I was able to ride about 3/10ths of a mile to a rest area. I put these tires on at 10,800 miles and had the flat at 25,800 miles, exactly 15,000 miles. I am certain I could have ridden another 5,000 miles with the remaining tread on the rear.

As for the front, it still looks very good and I will most likely get another 5,000 miles out of it.

For those wondering, I carry a spare rear wheel for my Goldwing in the back of the motorcycle trailer, so I was able to change out the tire and get home. I had a new Dunlop Elite 4 installed on the back and I hope to get 20,000 miles or more out of it.

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Martinsville, IN
Dunlop Elite 4

I can't say I am very impressed. I have roughly 5000 miles on a new pair of Elite 4's. The front is great, shows no wear. The rear is chopping up pretty bad. You can see 3 distinct wear patterns. center and both sides. I run 44 psi consistently. The bike has been to Yellowstone and to Niagara, roughly 5000 miles. The rear is chopped up worse than the one I just took off of it. Not sure what is going on. It look as if I will need a new one in about 3000 more miles. I was under the impression that I would get about 15-18k miles out of these.

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