Smoke Signal Lenses w/ Amber Bulb

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Smoke Signal Lenses w/ Amber Bulb
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Big Bike Parts has brought their popular smoke-lensed look forward to the turn signals. Smoke OEM styled lenses match their trunk and saddlebag lights and provide the distinctive look. This pair of turn signal assemblies replaces the OEM ones whileusing the OEM wire harness.

SMOKE TURNSIGNAL LIGHT, With Amber Bulbs, For GL1800 Side Mirrors 

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Simon Templar
Kernersville, NC
The foam is perfect....

I just put these on my F6B. I can see why someone might think the foam is a problem.....but it's not. Not if you go about the installation in the right manner.

RESIST the urge to reuse the OEM lens foam. Not only is it lightweight and fragile....but if you're taking it off of your original lenses which have been already installed....then it's probably nearly worn out anyway.

The trick to the supplied foam is not to install the lenses into the housing...but rather to install the housing onto the lenses.

First, ground the foam with your fingers and press it down as flat as you can. It is a memory type foam and will slowly spring back.

Next...Install the lenses on the mirror frame, aligning the holes for the screws with the holes in the frame. While holding the lens in place on the frame...slowly but firmly work the housing onto the lens. It takes a little while as you have to be slow but firm...but the housing will go into place.

Once installed....the memory foam is a FAR better seal against the elements than the cheap Honda foam ever was. It will expand and fill any open crevices between the lens and the housing..sealing it tight.

The amber bulbs are not nearly dark enough. But that is about the ONLY bad thing I can say about these so far.

Speaking as an engineer, I VERY rarely get to say that a product has been properly designed. This one fits the bill, however.

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
So much better looking than the stock

These smoke lenses look a lot better than the stock lenses.............but beware----we had to buy a lot of extra bulbs for them, as we had about 4 burn out real quick (in around 1 month) before we changed bulb brands and now have "keepers" that have lasted for the last 6 months.
I'm giving it a 4 star just for the fact that we had to buy new bulbs so soon.

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Ripley, TN
I like

The look on the f6b is way better with these than factory and simple to put on.

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work around on foam rubber

I see what has been said about the seal around lens being kinda hard. I found however its kinda like a memory foam in which if you start smashing the foam it will take just a little bit before it returns to its former shape.. So, I found that when I smashed the foam around the lens in circles about 5x you will then have enough time to install the lens without much problem before it returns to its shape.If your to slow then you might have to do it again but, really helps out on installation.


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east greenbush, NY
I like the look.

I have a black F6b and did not like the look of the Amber lenses. The smoked lenses look much better.

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