11" Sport Shield for F6B


11" Sport Shield for F6B
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  • DOT approved adjustable height motorcycle windshield
  • 11" Sport shield. Can also be mounted up to 1.25" higher making it a 12.25" shield
  • Measurements are taken in the center of the shield from the rubber fairing trim to the top of the shield
  • Side flares make shield 4" wider than stock F6B shield providing increased shoulder protection and decreased buffeting
  • Made from 3/16" Aircraft Grade Lucite acrylic
  • .052" thicker than OEM windshield offering increased strength

10 Member Reviews

Douglasville, GA
Game Changer!

This was the most valuable product I've ever bought for my F6B! It looks beautiful. Not great for interstate highways, but not made for it either. I've had it for a year now and although I have a full size windshield, will never take this one off. Just looks too darn good!

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Westfield, NJ
Very Attractive and Functional

The windshield is a nice addition to my gray F6B. It adds a little bit of a sinister look to an already stealthy appearance. The windshield comes with about two inches of available adjustment in the slots for the mounting bolts. The smoke tint is pretty dark so it's not practical to have it above eye level. I'm 6' 1" tall and at the lowest setting, my view from the top of the dash board out to about two feet from the front of the bike is obscured by the windshield which isn't an issue for me.

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Cape Coral, FL
No instructions

I haven't installed the windshield yet and am sure I'll like it but am surprised that there were absolutely no instructions whatsoever. I know many on this site are very adept at these kinds of things but I've never attempted to replace a windshield on a an F6B. I searched online and should be able to do this with no trouble but I shouldn't have had to scour the internet for instructions.

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The Walrus
Great protection

Stock windshield at 35mph and volume at 24 I couldn't hear the music. :(
Installed the BaggerShield, took me about 1/2 hour because I had trouble getting the left bolt started and the darn rubber boot back in place.
Went for a ride. Hit the freeway, 70mph and volume was at 20 and I could hear my music! oh yeah.
I am 5'9" tall and put the shield up at its highest setting. I can see over the top of the shield by a good 2". I love the shading over the instrument panel too.

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Long Beach, CA

I got my windshield today and installed it in about 10-15 minutes, and it's perfect on my F6B!

It sits low enough for me to see over the top of it as well as high enough to block out the extra wind noise the stock windshield doesn't cover.

I can ride more comfortably now and listen to my music without blasting it.

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