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5 1/2 Inch Two-Way Speaker Set
ITEM CODE: BB13-106,   SKU: BB13-106

I can't add much to the prior reviews, I agree 100%. More sound, I feel more base than stock too. I am now at 11 vs 15 using my USB music.Some people will say you need an amp for these which may discourage you from buying these. Don't fall for that. Using everything stock except these speakers gives remarkable sound and more power than I need. I can hear instruments I just couldn't hear with the stock speakers. If you just like to hear your music and aren't an audiophile, you will be very very happy.Looking at the 'magnet' on the stock speakers it is really nonexistent. I couldn't even get a piece of steel to stick to them! Where as on these it sticks like it's glued on. very happy. Wingstuff had them in stock and I got them in days. Big Bike Parts said out of stock!
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ITEM: TR087773

I think they sound even better now than when new. I can tell you I DON'T hear a drone. I hear a melodic tone. I wear a half helmet.
My granddaughter was lulled to sleep (scared me) by the melodic rhythm.
I was at a Valkyrie riders campout and received many compliments both on the look and the sound.
A guy who bought an '18 Wing rode behind me quite a bit. He came up to me while we were all admiring our bikes and said he felt my pipes sounded the best of them all.
btw there are weep holes in stock pipes, so my drips were normal. Keeps condensation out of the inner pipe apparently.
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ITEM: TR087773

Just installed and have about 300mi on them. Yes I would do it again!

Clamps: Pictures don't show it, but the 2 lower pipes are connected by the same clamps used to connect pipes to the Cats. Not welded. All 4 of mine leaked. I called Cobra and they said to torque them down, but don't have torque specs. Just tighten till they break. I'm at 35ft lbs now and still dripping. I'll go up in increments and see if it stops or the clamp threads stretch out.

Drone: as they say, subjective. I like the sound with all baffles in, took one out and it buzzed in my ears. It does make a steady exhaust note that hums, which I like, but I can see where it can cause problems. Rather than torque loops again, I plan to cut and seal the crossover tube between the Cats.

Looks: Man 6 exhaust pipes look Sweet! The chrome is gleaming and bright, no pits or bubbles etc. I went with chrome as it stands out against the bike. Traded my black pipes to a GWRRA friend and got his chrome front heat shield in exchange. He likes black pipes and they look awesome on his '13 red F6. And sound better than stock '13 pipes due to mods made for the '15 exhaust.

Install: a breeze. For some reason the right side took a bit longer to align, but actually putting on the pipes was easy with a friend to help support one end.
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ISO-Grips Black for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6383,   SKU: KU6383

Install was a PITA as others have noted. Zip ties and 2 hose clamps did the trick though. with a little bit of rubber hose under the clamps to prevent nicks.
I was not as immediately impressed with these as I was the chrome ones that I put on the 2003. They are thicker around so will take a bit of getting used too. Still better than the skinny stock grips.
It was 48 degrees, I wore my thin gloves and had no problem feeling the heat through. My hands get cold at those temps without heat and they stayed nice and warm. Set to high then reduced to medium.
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Mini Arms for Ergo II Highway Footpegs
ITEM CODE: KU4071,   SKU: KU4071

Just installed these in place of the 6" arms. I am now able to extend my legs and they clear the fairing sides. The pegs stick out about an inch farther.
My inseam is 30" and I was nervous my legs would be too short to reach. :/ Not a problem. :)
I am able to extend my legs without having the arms below the engine guard.
Glad I bought these vs the 4.5" arms.
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11" Sport Shield for F6B

Stock windshield at 35mph and volume at 24 I couldn't hear the music. :(
Installed the BaggerShield, took me about 1/2 hour because I had trouble getting the left bolt started and the darn rubber boot back in place.
Went for a ride. Hit the freeway, 70mph and volume was at 20 and I could hear my music! oh yeah.
I am 5'9" tall and put the shield up at its highest setting. I can see over the top of the shield by a good 2". I love the shading over the instrument panel too.
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