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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for Rectangular Fog Lights
ITEM CODE: BB52908,   SKU: BB52908


Poor fitment

Before purchasing this lower cowl, I purchased fog lamps from Socalmoto. They are rectangular and match the shape of the Goldwing cowl. After installing the lamps and new cowl, there are gaps around the lights and the right side lamp is partially covered by the new cowl. I know this is just a piece of chrome covered plastic but I would have expected it to fit better. As for the knockouts, it’s almost impossible to cut out without chipping the “chrome”.

I always hate to give negative reviews but this is not a part I’d recommend. The Goldwing is a high quality bike and it deserves high quality add ons.
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Black Anodized Belly Pan for GL1800, F6B
ITEM CODE: BB52817BK,   SKU: BB52817BK


Easy to install

We have two F6B's. Mine has the wingstuff brand belly pan. I just purchased the Show Chrome one for my wife's bike. Easy to install but not the front section is not nearly as easy to access and reinstall when changing oil. The Wingstuff brand has two twist screws that turn about a quarter of an inch to release the front section when changing oil. Very easy. The show chrome on the other hand, has two Allen head screws that release the front section. This makes it more difficult when replacing after an oil change. You have to line up the holes perfectly to screw back in and then use an Allen wrench while lying upside down. One belly pan is easier to install and the other is easier to use. Something to consider when buying.
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Heel/Toe Shifter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451620,   SKU: AO451620


Revision to last post

Meant to give 1 star
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Heel/Toe Shifter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451620,   SKU: AO451620



Purchased this for my wife's F6B. She wears a size 7 and can barely fit her shoe between the pegs. She didn't feel safe with it on so I removed it after one ride. Shifting is clunky with it. Now it sits collecting dust. I have the Kuryakyn floorboard and shifter combo. Works much better.
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11" Sport Shield for F6B


No instructions

I haven't installed the windshield yet and am sure I'll like it but am surprised that there were absolutely no instructions whatsoever. I know many on this site are very adept at these kinds of things but I've never attempted to replace a windshield on a an F6B. I searched online and should be able to do this with no trouble but I shouldn't have had to scour the internet for instructions.
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ITEM: KU6383



I received and installed the grips but what a bear to do. I used the Windex advice and the sleeve slid on easily. I found that also using Windex on top of the sleeve helped get the two halves together. I slowly used my thumbs to work the rubber up into each slot of the metal. I also had to use channel locks with a rag covering the grip to get them to snap into place. I have installed other sets of grips and this was by far the most difficult. They do however, feel better than the tiny things OEM grips Honda uses. I've seen tricycles with thicker grips.
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3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners w/Reinforced Corners for GL1800, GL1500


great stuff

My wife and I just finished a road trip all over the state of Florida. The bags are wonderful. Fit in my wing perfectly. Thanks Wingstuff.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Good quality

I received the belly pan this week and installed it. Doesn't seem to make much difference with wind buffeting but it will serve the purpose for which I bought it and that is to protect the underside of my bike. I read one review from a gentleman that said he was 150 lbs. and couldn't get his bike on the center stand. I am 141 and have no trouble. Go to youtube and type goldwing center stand. There is a very helpful video.
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