LED Saddlebag Scuff Accents for GL1800 2nd Gen, F6B

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LED Saddlebag Scuff Accents for GL1800 2nd Gen, F6B
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This pair of chrome LED Saddlebag Scuff Accents from Big Bike Parts®, cover the black OEM side saddlebag panels and increase safety by incorporating SMD LED’s. These saddlebag accents enhance the lines of the GL1800 and Big Bike Parts® own Contoured™ design not only adds function with bright LED’s but embellishes the saddlebag design. These accents incorporate 56 high visibility LED’s, 28 per side, to let you be seen better in all conditions.

This heightened design also incorporates a rubber scuff pad to keep passenger scuffs where they belong. The design of the LED Saddlebag Scuff Accent flows into Big Bike Parts® pair of Battery Side Covers P/N BB52822 that has its own matching rubber scuff pads and forward flowing design. These new LED Saddlebag Scuff Accents BBP 52-816 will be available February 2013.


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Plainland, AU
better option

This is one of my favourite pieces as I hated the plastic look. I have spent lots of money swapping out all the black with Chrome so this piece was a have to have piece. The only issue I have is the lens covers are red and In Australia we are supposed to have orange as indicators or side clearance lights. Touch wood the Police will see that I am trying to make my bike more visible. Excellent product.

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Houston, TX
Favorite cosmetic piece so far

The flat black on our 2013 saddlebags annoyed me but I hesitated on getting this particular trim piece since I already had a battery cover that I liked better than the battery cover intended (rubber insert to guard against shoe scuffs) for this saddlebag trim. After seeing it on the bike, I could not be happier. It also added some safety lighting (looks like an infinity light) from a side view as well as another turn signal.
The install went very well except for getting the hinges to line up to re-attached the saddlebags. My wife saved the day by coming up with a little cheat by having me screw one screw in without the reinforcement bracket in place to pull the hinge in close enough to get the other screw to thread in with the reinforcement bracket in place. After the second screw grabbed, then we took out the first screw and rotated the bracket into place then put the second screw back in. Other than that, follow the instructions and look at the pictures and you should not have a problem installing. I am very happy with the look of the bike now as you can see a before and after picture in my gallery.

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