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My Bike is my hobby, My stress relief and my way to forget about work for a while. She already has nearly $9,000 in options and I've only had her since March
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Senior Operations and engineering manager

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Make somebody smile.....Make the day worth while.

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Candy PearlRed 2014 Honda Goldwing

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ITEM: AO18113A

Was looking for more lighting for safety. These are great. just takes a bit of time to ensure the cables are correct and the lights are lined up. Take your time drilling. if you rush you are stuck with the end result. They look great when lined up correctly
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Passenger Push to Talk Switch

This is great as now the passenger mic no longer causes feed in the system from wind. This improves the system to no end. Awesome
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Dash Switch Illumination Kit for GL1800/F6B
ITEM CODE: EC01350,   SKU: EC01350

These were not hard to install. Yes they light up the wheel and shine up. I played with the positioning before sticking down and they now are not reflecting up but light up the wheel. I find them useful as it just helps with locating the control with leff effort.
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5 Pin Headset w/ Full Face Microphone for Goldwing

Bought these for the lady as she likes a closed in Helmet. They went straight in with very little fuss. The audio is clear and she likes having the music in her helmet. Over a long distance though she said they do rub her ears a bit
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LED Saddlebag Scuff Accents for GL1800 2nd Gen, F6B
ITEM CODE: BB52816,   SKU: BB52816

This is one of my favourite pieces as I hated the plastic look. I have spent lots of money swapping out all the black with Chrome so this piece was a have to have piece. The only issue I have is the lens covers are red and In Australia we are supposed to have orange as indicators or side clearance lights. Touch wood the Police will see that I am trying to make my bike more visible. Excellent product.
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Chrome Footpeg Mounts for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU4544,   SKU: KU4544

Great product. Easy to install. Not sure if the bling is going to be seen as the OEM foot pegs hide a large portion of them, however I am going for the full chrome look.
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Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers
ITEM CODE: KU7506,   SKU: KU7506

This was the final piece of the chroming puzzle. Along with the chrome foot peg mounts. I now have the entire sides decked out in Chrome. It looks a treat and is not that hard to keep clean. Besides which it is more pleasing to clean chrome than the black plastic and dull finishes that used to be there
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ITEM: KU7332

I bought the LED fender accents and used this to finish off the front fender. What a way to draw your attention to the fender. This is a nice easy to install product, just take the time to line it up with the centre of your fender
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I have never had things just fit perfectly until now. The carpet is perfect. I also was wondering why the cut out in the top box carpet but now after installing, it for easy access to the USB port.

Well done Wing Stuff. Quality product and a realistic price
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Adjustable Chrome Levers
ITEM CODE: BB18111BC,   SKU: BB18111BC

I put these on the bike and they feel great. They look good and finish off the handlebars.
Easy to install.
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Chrome Handlebar Clamp Plugs
ITEM CODE: BB52627,   SKU: BB52627

These arrived today so I got some glue just in case the others were right. On a 2014 they fit tighter than the OEM. I need a screwdriver to get them back out. They finish off the chrome I have put on my handlebars
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LED Headlight End Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52811,   SKU: BB52811

Not fun,

The instructions do not suit the 2014 model. Took the whole lot off the bike. Found additional wiring inside the top cover of instrument shelter. Found additional fixings also.
But it's done now and the finish is great. Just keep seeing the end game and not the process. It is worth it once they are on, but what an epic journey to get them there. 5 Stars on the finish, 2 stars on the fitting and 3 stars on the instructions.
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