Dash Switch Illumination Kit for GL1800/F6B

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Dash Switch Illumination Kit for GL1800/F6B
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Tired of not knowing where your dash switches are?  This kit uses two waterproof 5050 LEDs on a flexible board to backlight the 4 mode switches and the rotary heater controls.  Plug and play installation.  LED color is a 'cool white' which matches the OEM switch backlighting color.

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Plainland, AU
Does the job

These were not hard to install. Yes they light up the wheel and shine up. I played with the positioning before sticking down and they now are not reflecting up but light up the wheel. I find them useful as it just helps with locating the control with leff effort.

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Middletown, CT

I was disappointed with the way this works. As mentioned in the other reviews, it only puts a light on in the center between the buttons, one light between the two on the left and another between the two on the right as well as near the heating control dials for the seat and grip heaters. It does show where they are but not what they are. That being said they are not terribly expensive and I'll get used to them.

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Arab, AL
Probably won't work with a Tulsa windshield.

Ordered this along with a couple of other things from EC which worked great. However, although this does only provide a light between the wheels and buttons, that was fine with me. What was a problem for me,(being 6'4" on a 2012)it would not work with my Tulsa windshield. It looked like headlights coming at me. Lol... It will probably work fine if you have a stock windshield or a shorter one. I know what wheel does what, and I know what button does what, so just being a light between them was okay for me.

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Dahs light kit

the lights were fairly easy to put in and are truly plug and play but if you really want to light up your switches, this won't do it. It puts the light between the switches and the little wheels for the heated seat and grips. If you don't know which switch does what, then this kit won't help.

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