Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800 Trike


Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800 Trike
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If you ever thought your motorcycle couldn't get any smoother, we bring you Centramatic GL1800 Gold Wing Trike Wheel balancers. The open road never felt so good! Fits all Honda GL1800 Goldwing Trikes 2001-2017

Benefits include; Longer tire life up to 35% to 50%. Lower tire temperatures 10% to 15%. Improved braking. Increased stability. Reduced vibration. Reduced driver & rider fatigue on long trips. Increased tire footprint & grip on turns. Comes as a set of 2 for GL1800 Goldwing Trikes. Fit ALL 2001-2017 GL1800 Gold Wing Trikes.

Centramatic offers a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty on all wheel balancers!!!!

Centramatic stainless steel Gold Wing wheel balancers are made with lead free durametal balancing media. Centramatic has been a world leader in onboard wheel balancing for over 24 years. Class 8 trucking, RV's & Military applications have been our area of expertise. Now we have taken the application a step further and brought it to motorcycles!

If you ever thought your motorcycle couldn’t get any smoother? Now it can with Centramatic GL1800 Gold Wing Trike Wheel Balancers. Just ask anyone who installed these, Centramatic Gold Wing wheel balancers will most likely be the best Gold Wing accessory you ever purchased!

  • Becomes Active at 18 to 20 MPH
  • Increased Tire Life 35%-50%
  • Reduced Road Vibration
  • Increased Stability and Handling
  • Improved Braking
  • Lower Tire Temperatures 10-15%
  • Reduced Driver and Passenger Fatigue
  • No More Wheel Weights


6 Member Reviews

front CM installded several years ago on trike conversion

You did not offer them for trike at that time. I have experienced uncontrollable wobbling on front end which only stopped when I slowed down (below 65)/ Is the wobbling caused by the install only on front and not the rear? Will the install on 2 rear wheels set help?

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Sterling, VA
Installed and Riding with them

I installed these in December 2015 and have ridden with them since then. I own a 2012 GL1800 Motor Trike. I put an Avon AV71 front wheel on at the end of Dec. and only then noticed a smoother ride. I can't be sure if the centramatics are of any benefit. When the mechanic put the new tire on he said that he felt a difference. He had put the centramatics on earlier in Dec..

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Springvale, ME
Balanced Finally

Purchased these in April 2015 and installation took less than 1 hour taking my time. Went for a 200 mile ride over the following weekend and found they do what they claim. No Vibration, zero nada! Anything above 20mph it only gets smoother and you feel the control of the Trike improve.
Unlike other reviewers I do not have a fork brace and saw improvement. I just wish they had an option for a trikes rear tires.

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Grove, OK
Update review

Last week I drove up to Kentucky from Oklahoma and got caught in a horrible storm. Sheets of water were coming down. The road had rain grooves. Normally, my front end would be wobbling and I would be fighting to keep the handlebars stable. I wouldn't like to drive in that weather again, but having the centramatics installed along with the superbrace, I felt more confident on the bike.

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Grove, OK
Why did I wait so long!!

I've own GW 1800 Motortrike for six years and have ridden close to 44k miles. Most of the mileage is from long rides 350-400 mi a day for several weeks at a time. My neck muscles would become very painful from a long days ride. Ice packs at night became routine. I always thought it was caused by my helmet, which is heavy. While I was at the Wing Ding in Madison this July, I decided to get the Centramatic installed at the show, along with the Super Brace. After the show, we drove up into Minnesota for a week then back down to Oklahoma. What an improvement on handling. No more vibration or shimmy driving on rain grooves, great stability on the open road and no more ice packs at night. My neck pain was gone. And I wasn't as tired after a long ride. The ride was so much smoother. You have nothing to lose by getting this system but so much to gain.

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GL1800 Trike 2001-2017