Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing


Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing
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Great looking Wide Foot Chrome Kickstand for GL1800 helps prevent bike from sinking in soft surfaces. Also works with the new Kuryakyn Driver Floorboards and is available from

Believe it or not, the perfect kickstand is one of the most difficult products to engineer. It must have super strength, resist sinking into warm blacktop, and have great looks. It also needs to be compatible with driver floorboards and other aftermarket accessories so you can easily access and extend it.

Beautifully Chromed Kickstand works perfectly with famous Kuryakyn Driver Floorboards or just to add great looks and less chance of your bike sinking in asphalt while on the side stand.

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Kickstand Chrome

After a couple of years of use, the chrome flakes off and the rust begins. Kuryakyn only warranties for 1 year. Have had same problem with other of their components. Bike has rarely seen rain, so am disappointed.

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cottage grove, MN
kuryakyn chrome kickstand

very nice looking also got the chrome spring. very stout. easy install only took five minutes. when installing the spring make a small loop with twine attach the top of the spring and hook the loop of the twine to the lower part of the spring and pull until you can get the spring over the hook on the kickstand takes little effort then just cut the twine and remove.

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Folsom, CA
OK but...

This kickstand looks great and the wider foot is useful. But the main reason I bought it was to be able to lower the kickstand without having to raise my floorboard. The product description seemed to say it was accessible with the board down but it's not. I used to have the extender piece but that broke off after about a year. Instead of getting another one I got this kickstand. Doesn't do what I wanted.

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Houston, TX
Very nice looking and easy install

A friend suggested I put a nickel between each of the spring coils to reduce the effort needed to get the spring back on the kickstand. Not sure if I needed it or not but only took about 20-30 minutes to put about 15 nickels in and change out the kickstand thanks to another reviewer mentioning rotating the kickstand slightly when putting the pin back into the pre drilled hole on the kickstand. I also took the back nut off first, then the small nut on the front, last was the front large nut that is also threaded. Looks great now and I hope it stays nice looking as written by some of the other reviewers.

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Aurora, CO
Very Nice

Easy install, looks good and I like the wider foot.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017