Gloss Black ISO Grips for Non Heated Grips


Gloss Black ISO Grips for Non Heated Grips
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All Black Kuryakyn ISO Gold Wing grips are for those that want an alternative look to the chrome grips, these are the perfect match. These really look great on any Gold Wing motorcycle.

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I am not a Hater, usually don't blog or leave reviews,but this horrible experience forced me to. 53 years of dirt n street riding, changed a lot of grips in those years. Used mostly HONDA grip glue, but was out. I read the precuations of the others about the glue so I thought I was ready. Test fit, marked final location, used glue sparingly. It literally STOPPED 2 INCHES TOO SOON!!. I used every muscle in my body, all the swear words I knew and started making some up. It was Stuck! Managed to wrestle off the metal housing. Used Laquer thinner, windex, nothing dissolves the glue. It is INDUSTRIAL STRENGHT! Says so on the tube. I have a motorcycle not a freaking air plane. This crap sets up faster than imaginable! Don't use it! Get some that is for grips, but not this crap...Black Widow adhesive. I had to use a razor blade carefully to get my grip separated from the throttle sleeve. And thinner Barely gets it off the metal or rubber. The instructions claim it sets in 24 hours, really?, more like 2.4 seconds. It is worse than PVC hot glue to get off your fingers. I have absolutely NO patience for companies that don't do their R&D. Kuryakyn clearly is shipping these wonderful grips with the wrong glue. Avoid Coronary Thrombosis and get some good old HONDA grip glue instead. Or risk ruining a new set of grips. Your choice!

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Edgewood, NM
These look fabulous on my Goldwing!

Easy install, and the look is fantastic. I was going to go with the chrome version of these since I had them on my previous bike, but I am SO glad I opted for black. They set off the controls and talk about comfortable! Two things of note. First, the instructions are written as though there are two tubes of adhesive. There is only one. This isn't the first time I've found Kuryakyn instructions lacking, but so be it. The second thing is that the instructions say you should cut the old grips off. Don't! Just work a long-handled screwdriver up along the handlebars and work it carefully around inside the grip. The grip will then slide right off. You need patience and strength but it worked very well for me, and now I have a set of spare grip.

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Knoxville, TN
Look great, feel sweet, but be careful!

These grips look just awesome on my bike. I like chrome, but not up on the console where it reflects and blinds me. Everything near the handlebars is black and the only reason I was still using the stock grips was because I didn't want the only chrome thing up there to be the grips. These were a perfect solution and LONG overdue to the market.

Installation was as straightforward as any other grip, but BEWARE! the glue will set FAST!!! I wound up spending $120 on a set of $60 grips. The left one went on perfect, but the throttle side glue set at about 1/2" shy of being installed. One thing to note when installing the throttle side, when you slide it on, it will stop before it hits the switch housing, so don't try to "finese" it in there, jam it home quickly before the glue sets, and USE that clockwise (forward) twisting motion. On the second grip (after a trip to the honda dealer to replace the throttle sleeve)I did a couple of "trial runs" of sliding the grip onto the sleeve without the glue, then when it was time to glue it on, I used about 1/3 the tube instead of the whole thing and I tried to put the glue at least half way into the grip, and not near the top so that I could at least get the grip about half way on before I was racing the glue. Trust me, with this glue they give you, you don't need much to secure the grip to the handlebars!

After a lot of swearing and a new set of grips (anyone want to buy a new, uninstalled left black iso grip?) they look awesome and feel fantastic. They have excellent tactile feel and the increased size really do make it more comfortable for my hands. I also installed the bar end weights and the throttle boss. A great combination! I love them!

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DJ Fire
Jacksonville, FL

Been using the jury ISO grips on the wing for years so when the black ones came out, I added them to my other two bikes. Sold one of those bikes and replaced it with a super motard. First thing I did was to put a set on it.

Kury's chrome has issues but I have yet to have one problem with the blacked out grips!

Love em and my hands are much happier!

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