Cruiser Universal Beverage Carrier


Cruiser Universal Beverage Carrier
$9.89 to $69.29
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Upgrade your Küryakyn Universal Drink Ring to accept most cups, cans or bottles. Easy on, easy off snap design that is also collapsible for storage. Made from PVC leather & works with any Küryakyn “ring” style drink holder. Need the whole package? Something to hold your drink & the mount? Choose from the four options below the stand alone Beverage Carrier, which include the drink ring as well as the Beverage Carrier.

Part numbers KU1460, KU1488, KU1489, & KU1500 include mount.

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Palm Coast, FL
Pretty Good

It does what it say it does. It should be cheaper then it is. It's a cheap piece of pleather with low class snaps. The snaps do see to hold fine. But it will serve my purposes..

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Scranton, PA
Supersize Me!

I bought & installed the Kuryakyn stainless cup mount & holder. But of you want to carry a BIG soda, or BIG coffee, whatever - this is your ticket! Easily snaps on-off, to replace the cup, and can be stored in the trunk/saddlebags, for a quick change when you want to carry some big drinks! Also works well, if you go for an "Italian Ice, or ice cream" to carry home! Looks could be better, but it works, that's all that counts. Four stars for appearance.

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Duluth, MN
Best thing to have

I added this to her kyuri arm rest drink holder still allows it to flip under armrest when not in use holds her coffee mug perfectly

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Willow Street , PA

Nice looking product but is not worth the 9 bucks. It's not made in the USA. The snaps are junk cause when I installed the holder I accidently bumped the holder and 2 snaps came undone. Resnapped the snaps and did a test bump !!! same thing happened. My co-rider suggested that I put a little silicone in the snaps. It won't come off now. It is on forever untill I take a knife and cut it off or pry the snaps apart.
This is a feeble attemped to correct the holder (that is junk) so that it fits .
I am going to give a 2 star for It will hold a cup of coffee or soda can from your local Java shop.

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Mountain Home, AR

This is AWESOME. Super easy installation, just snaps into place. I bought this as an addition to the Kuryakyn Driver's Stainless Drink Holder for holding 16 oz. drink bottles. SUGGEST WINGSTUFF TO ADD AS A "PACKAGE DEAL:.

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