Plug-n-Play Accessory Harness

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Plug-n-Play Accessory Harness
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Allows use of a Voltmeter or some other "Plug & Play" accessory to the right side of your Wing's fairing. Honda removed the right side connector since the Heated Grips are a factory item. This harness plugs into the left side accessory connector and is run over to the right side to continue to allow use of "Plug & Play" items.

This item is required if you want to install part # EC04107 on a 2006-Newer GL1800

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Hemet , CA
Volt meter guage installment

This guage is really nice and a great addition to my bike. I always wanted to know what the charging system is doing. The instructions that came with the guage and wire harness are not instructive at all. It's one sheet of redundant gibberish. So toss that in the trash. You might find something on the installation on U Tube. I figured out that I needed to find a accessorie plug in and for me I found it on the opposite side of the fairing. The problem with that was the wiring harness was about 24" to short. After I added the extra wires and pulled the left storage box out and center storage box out it was a breeze. Very worth it. Tom

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St. Chales, MO
Basic wire harness

This is as basic as it gets. I used this to add a volt meter to my right hand side of the bike. Pluged into left side plug under pocket perfect length to right side of cowl for my added Volt meter.

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Ottawa, CA

Enables a clean connection to other options as in my case my GPS. Good quality product.

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