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Black 2013 Honda F6B GOLDWING

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Pathfinder Switchback LED Bulb

The problem is the left blinker wouldn't work, I have a 2013 F6B and no matter what I did. Tried switching the lights couldnt get the left side to work properly. I put a new set of stock lights back on and they work fine. Wish I knew what it could be. Regards, Tom
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Pathfinder LED High Performance Bulb 7443 Red
ITEM CODE: AO7443R,   SKU: AO7443R

I installed them the same day they came in, no problems with these lights they fit in great and what a difference they make, twice as bright as my stock ones and that's what I was looking for. The quality on the LED lights are well made and are a great addition to my bike.
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ITEM: AO451616

This is a super nice addition on my bike, since I added on the heel to toe shifter from WingStuff I found that the kick stand was under the heel shifter. Now with the extension I can put my kickstand down without having to get the heel of my foot under the back of the shifter. For just a few bucks you can't beat it. Tom So Cal
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ITEM: AO451620

I forgot to add if you do leave the front shifter off and you will, then you are using the stock shifter to down shift and get into 1 st gear. All I did is hit the front portion of the linkage a few times with a rubber mallet and it moved the linkage over to where I could shift with no problems.
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ITEM: AO451620

I am really pleased with this heel to toe shifter, I installed it on Friday and went on a 259 mile ride on Saturday, it performed perfectly. Nice chrome what a great deal for $54. I kept the front toe shifter off because I didnt have room for my foot, you won't either unless your a little person. I noticed that the center bolt that holds the shifter on started working it's way loose from shifting up & down so much. I will try some Red Lock tight and not torque it too much so it will stay in place. Good Job "Wing Stuff"
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H7 Extreme Xeon Super White Headlight Bulb
ITEM CODE: KU2206,   SKU: KU2206

I ordered those pathfinder LED H-7s, sadly from another vendor. But buyer beware those pathfinder lights dont fit my Honda F6B Goldwing due to the light isn't long enough to get it inside the boot and the clips that hold it in place dont reach. I took them to a Honda Certified shop and asked them to install them and they said they won't fit. So I'm back to Holigon. $140 in LED lights that won't work. I would say if Wing Stuff is selling them they must be pretty good..Tom
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Plug-n-Play Accessory Harness
ITEM CODE: EC08104,   SKU: EC08104

This guage is really nice and a great addition to my bike. I always wanted to know what the charging system is doing. The instructions that came with the guage and wire harness are not instructive at all. It's one sheet of redundant gibberish. So toss that in the trash. You might find something on the installation on U Tube. I figured out that I needed to find a accessorie plug in and for me I found it on the opposite side of the fairing. The problem with that was the wiring harness was about 24" to short. After I added the extra wires and pulled the left storage box out and center storage box out it was a breeze. Very worth it. Tom
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ROKKER Fairing Speakers Upgrade

I recieved these speakers yesterday and installed them, WOW what a difference the mid range is and sounds deeper and I can volume up to 25 with no distortion at all, not that I would want it that loud. Its sound great and makes a huge difference in quality over stock. I strongly recommend these speakers. Tom So Cal
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Black w/Smoke Lenses LED Rear Fender Tip 2nd Gen GL1800, F6B
ITEM CODE: KU3248,   SKU: KU3248

After all your reviews as I decided to go with the Show Chrome Tail Fender Light. It is a nice addition to my F6B, it really lights up at night. During the day not so much. But its Built to last. Tom
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