Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge


Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge
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This digital tire air pressure gauge features a range from 0-100 psi. One button operation. Easy to read. Digital accuracy. Automatic shut-off after 15 seconds. Includes battery.

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Branford, FL
Great Air Pressure Gauge!

Have owned a lot of tire air pressure gauges, but this one is the best! At only Fourteen Dollars this is a steal! It is easy to use. Have another digital air gauge that I paid considerably more for and although it looks impressive is a pain to use because you have to hold it on the stem until it beeps and you probably lose abut a pound just trying to get the thing seated. This gauge is quick,easy and fits the stem so well it is a pleasure to use. Love this little thing and so will you!

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Pasadena, TX
Digital Air Pressure Gauge

This is my second go around with these type air gauges, the first one that I had was very accuate simple to operate. The only problem that I had with it was it did not withstand being rolled over with a car tire. So this time around I decided to purchase two of them just in case.

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