5 Pin Stereo Headset for Open Face/Modular Helmet w/ Boom

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5 Pin Stereo Headset for Open Face/Modular Helmet w/ Boom
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The IMC Headset for Open Face and Modular Helmets features a two piece cord with everything needed to take advantage of the Intercom/Music system on a Honda Goldwing at an unbeatable price. Simply install the headset into your helmet, plug the DIN connector cord into your bike and start enjoying your factory system on any adventure you may take. 

This kit includes a boom microphone for ¾ helmets but can be used with full face helmets as well. This combo provides the performance of headsets costing twice as much with half the warranty. 

The rugged coiled connecting cord is designed for years of reliable service. The slim (6mm) speakers offer excellent sound quality and are easy to install. The special noise cancelling microphone will make this a must-have for your next trip. Works with any Honda, Kawasaki, or other 5 pin system.


  • Two piece design with upper headset and lower coiled cord. Speakers and microphone are detachable.
  • 30mm diameter high fidelity speakers include acoustic padding and provide excellent sound quality.
  • High performance noise canceling microphone makes communication easy. 
  • 2 year warranty provides peace of mind.


Compatible with 5 pin audio systems

Honda Goldwing 1980 - Present (GL1100 GL1200, GL1500 GL1800) 

The HS-G130P headset is compatible with

Full face helmets

Open Face or 3/4 helmets

Modular or Flip-up helmets


48 Member Reviews

Spring Hill , FL
Pins pulled out.

I installed the headset in my helmet and on about the 10 ride, I went to unplug the cord from the motorcycle and the the connector separated. I used the normal about of force to disconnect the plug. The base separated from the pin set and all that came out was soldered ends. I was hoping I was getting a good deal paying such a cheap price, but I'm very disappointed in the quality. I also have to turn the volume up all the way to hear the radio clearly.

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Richmond, VA
I'm happy with this product

I've had no problems with my headset; have used it for the past three years. Padding is nice, sound quality decent, and mic pickup just fine. I also like the small diameter plug at the helmet. The cord length is just right too.

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Headset for Goldwing 1800

I purchased 2 of these last month. When I first installed them I had a problem with sound breaking up, but checked connections and fixed issue

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I don't recommend these headsets. We have properly fitting helmets but these head sets really hurt your ears when installed. They make your ears feel as though they are being rolled down and then pressed between hard plates inside your helmet. In about a two hour ride we had to stop numerous times to take the helmets off. We're taking them out. Don't waste your money on these headsets. The sound quality was also mediocre at best.

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hudson, FL
little confusing

The instructions arent very detailed.After some thought of where to put all wires and testing the little clip that holds everything together.You have to use the tape strips that come it to hold the cord in place.But the sound is good Made my wife happy,good replacement

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  • GL1500 1988-2000
  • GL1500 Trike 1988-2000
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017