Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800

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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800
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Power Park Ride Off Stand for the GL1800 replaces your stock center stand in minutes, never have to struggle putting your bike on the center stand again. This make it so easy you wont believe how little effort is needed..

PARK - Stop and balance, shift to reverse, lower the rubber power park foot lever, park in stable vertical configuration. RIDE - Mount bike from either side, engine to first gear, ride off and stand retracts, Its that Easy.

Fitment Information:

  • Standard F6B Models require OEM hardware kit to install ride-off stands

60 Member Reviews

Panama City, FL
Very happy now

I purchased this item after changing my rear tire and injured myself trying to put my 1800 on center stand , I ordered mine from eBay when it arrived I installed it . My OME came off very easy and this one would have went on as easy except It took some time lining up the screws when putting the new one on. Easy install on 1800 just two screws , they go on a lot easier once you line up the spacers correct so the screws will line up with holes

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Sullivan, OH
Don't wast your time

the leftside 8mm allen head bolt got rounded out. Could NOT remove it...the right side 14mm nut was VERY VERY difficult to remove..That being said the CRS stand is useless to me now... GREAT idea but, NOT an easy install..

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Cleveland, OH
Best stand

It is easy to install even though it need little power to open it but its only two bolts and thats it ... best thing to have to help your back from getting hurt while trying to pull the goldwing up on the stand ... i'm little short and I cant push the bike off the stand easly so when I have this stand just put the bike on gear and it easly go of the stand... I really do like it

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Andrews, TX

I have been wanting one of these ride off stands for a while thinking it would make it easier to steady the bike upright. So I recently bought one. 1st issue is lack of instructions with the stand. Got the right side hex nut bolt off only after having to go buy larger hex set and trying one by one until I found the one that fit. 2nd issue (again from lack of instructions) I ended up rounding the bolt head on the left side trying to loosen it up. It cost me $60 to find out from a motorcycle tech that the right side had a reverse thread bolt. Would have been nice to know BEFORE I rounded off that bolt head. OK got the Right bolt out and ready to install the ride off stand. After installation, I find the exact same results as pere1543 review. My bike is leaning to the right. The left stand leg is approx. 1/4 inch off the ground with the foot stand shouldering the weight of the left side. The stand would not put my bike up while on the cement floor in my shop as it just slid along the floor. I rolled it back into the ally and tried it again. AGAIN, like pere1543, my reverse gear began slipping and would not pick up the bike. I called Wingstuff to express my dissatisfaction. Was told to call the manufacturer. I was given a phone #. I called 4 times in a 2 hour period and got a busy signal each and every time. Now, I am not an engineer, but if you have several people expressing the exact same problems, there is something wrong. WINGSTUFF, I will be contacting you so we can work something out. AS for a rating, can I give it a 0/5.!!!!!

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Miami, FL
Not Pleased at all.

I installed it as per the instructions, after I finished and tested it it was uneven. I tested it in several flat surfaces and street and the left side as you sit on the bike does not secure to the ground, it rested on the foot handle. The other point: when you engage reverse to put it one the center stand the starter motor strains to back it into position, thats with just one person on it. I don't think the motor will have enough power to lift it into position with two people on it. I do not recommend this product. The only reason I didn't return it is because I tried to straighten it with a rubber mallet and got frustrated, I just put the stock center stand back on.

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