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June 6, 2015
Location: Calgary, Canada
Occupation: Manager
About Me: Got my first bike, a 1966 Honda 90 Super sport, when I was 14. Over the past few years my bikes have included a 2007 Honda VT 1100 Shadow Spirit and a 2008 Honda VTX 1800T. I just found this 2009 Goldwing at the end of May. A Canadian bike with fewer than 7000 km on it. I can't believe how well it handles and how light it really feels.
Update: By the end of October, I've put on almost 11,000 km on my bike and I love riding it every time I get a chance. It handles MUCH better than you would think a machine this size would. The ONLY problem I've had is a side stand that doesn't lock when it's put down. I've actually had to pick the bike up after parking it facing downhill, and have it roll off the stand. Surprisingly, it isn't that hard to pick up! In August I rode to Sturgis with a couple of friends (both of them on Harleys - very nice bikes, but it was obvious which of the three bikes is really meant for touring). Update: September, 2016. Regretfully, I've had to sell the Goldwing. But I've replaced it with a very nice Honda Valkyrie, which I hope to enjoy as much as the 'Wing.
Bikes: 2000 Honda Valkyrie F6CT (Red over black)

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