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Episode 5 Memphis Mike Gold Wing Vlogger

We have a thing for the Gold Wing. Do you? Join WingStuff President, Rick Arnoldo, as he interviews fellow riders and experts in the motorcycle industry and talks about the latest Gold Wing news. Whether you are new to Gold Wings or have ridden them for years and years, WingCast is the perfect podcast for you!

In this episode our guest Gold Wing Vlogger Memphis Mike discusses making YouTube videos, how he got into riding motorcycles and later, Gold Wings specifically, as well as being a UPS driver during a pandemic. Recorded on Zoom in August 2020.

After his talk with Memphis Mike, Rick calls his Uncle for another segment of, AYYY! with Uncle Frank, where Rick surprise calls his 90-something year old Italian Uncle just to see what he's up to at the moment. Uncle Frank is a very important person in Rick's life, as he was responsible for getting Rick his very first motorcycle when he was a kid. He's always a good time and will have you laughing by the end for sure. We hope you enjoy this episode.

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