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Aussie Dingo

Tannum Sands, AU, 4680


Aussie Dingo


Was born in a small town in New Zealand (Coromandel) in 1957, moved to Australia 1977 for a years working holiday and just never went back, I've been here since.Have 5 grown up kids and 7 grand kids.
Own a 1988 1500 Goldwing and a 2010 1800 Goldwing Motor Trike also 2020 Touroz Trike (Rewaco)
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Wouldn't be Dead for Quids its too permanent

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Bike 1:

Red 1980 Honda CX500

Bike 2:

Phantom Grey 1988 Honda GL1500 Goldwing

Bike 3:

Pearl White 2010 Honda GL 1800 Goldwing Tri

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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B

What a great product, not obtrusive in anyway and very stylish, does not look like an add on/after thought, but part of what should be, very comfortable and only took me a few minutes to install.Totally recommend, I only wish I'd got them earlier.
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Wing Deflectors™ Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1800

What a great product and works so well, comes with a quality drill bit and template's to make installation such a breeze, and looks great as well, highly recommend, ideal to direct air flow winter and summer.
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Pathfinder Dynamic-Sequential LED Front Indicators with DTR Lights

What a fantastic difference these make to you being visible to other road users and they are a real show stopper.Because I'm in Australia the plug n play didn't quite workout, but solved it by disconnecting the cable pins from the new connector and installing them into the original plug, and it worked a treat. Ended up with hyper flashing at the rear, so after a lot (and I mean a LOT) of lookin found the relay and changed it out with the supplied "LED Flasher Unit" problem solved, even though it states not to, if you have the airbag model, I have and everything has worked out great. Units are more expensive than I would have preferred, but are of good quality and comes with every thing needed, highly recommend you buy, you wont regret it.
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Sentinel LED Passenger Armrest Light Gloss Black
ITEM CODE: AO45-1854GB,   SKU: AO45-1854GB

What a difference these lights make, certainly get remarks from others how good they are and that it makes the bike really standout, the sequential indicators look awesome as well. Not cheap, but then what is now days. Spliced the wiring into the loom under the seat much tidier that way and am confident the joins wont fail.
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What a great way to add a spot light to the wing, the instructions have it going under the rubber of the mirror, I didn't like the look of that so put a slit in the rubber and fed it through that, made it so much neater, a bit dear for what it is but am glad I did buy, makes the job look professional
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

Great bag , good quality, bought for the 1500 and also use it on my 1800 as well
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LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800 & F6B

I have had this installed on my 2010 Motor Trike for over a year now and plenty of long trips and absolutely love the difference its made to the handing, especially pushing though the corners, reduced the flex in the handle bars and the fact you can utilize the cross bar for accessories is just another bonus.
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Trunk Soft Liner Bag
ITEM CODE: PU35160124,   SKU: PU35160124

This bag does indeed fit the trunk wonderfully, but the first time I used it, I tore a big hole in the back of the bag. I don't know what caused it, but when unpacking found the L shaped tear in the back, love the shape and fit so will see if I can find something made of a more durable material or maybe make my own from leather, was a good product, but the material just isn't cutting it on this item.
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11x16 Receiver Cooler Rack
ITEM CODE: RIGL18008,   SKU: RIGL18008

What a awesome rack have travelled hundreds of klms and not a problem, well built and highly recomend
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ITEM: SG01200

Have to agree with Ed, they are a great item and as for them being black only, I had some paint left over from when I built my trailer and they'r now "metalic Phantom Grey" the same as bike (easy as)
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OEM Factory Fork Seal/Bushing Kit for GL1500

Had this done same time as new springs put in by my mechanic, who couldn't believe how good and complete a kit it was, had everything needed to complete the job and he stated that here in Aus you just cant buy such a complete set as this one.
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ITEM: PG20092

Highly recomend adding this to your bike, makes a huge difference, warmer in winter and directs more air in the warmer months onto the rider as well as passenger, didn't come with all the fitting instructions but the great people at Wingstuff sent me pdf files to help me out, once seen was so simple to install.
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