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Black 2014 Honda Goldwing Black Edit

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Black 2006 Harley Davidson Roadglide Ultra

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Black 1999 Honda Valkyrie

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LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800 & F6B

I have the "Limited 1rst Production" on my 2014 BLACK EDITION GL1800 -
This is by far the Best Handle Bar System on the market. There will be issues with F4 Customs Windshields (as they are a full 2" wider than the Honda Stock Windshields) when fully turned left or right as the Clutch and Brake handles will come into contact but this can be Delt with if your aware & carefull (I try to never turn the bars that far while driving, rather it happens while pushing bike around & loading onto lifts &/or trailers) also when adjusted to a "Sport Bike" position - fully streight & at it's highest position it will obstruct your mirrors so, plan accordingly (I use a additional mirror temporarily mounted atop the stock Mirrors while riding in this configuration) the multiple ways to "Set" these Heli-Bars makes controlling the GoldWing unparalleled and widens your experiential nature aboard this 1832cc Flat Six World Class Motor Cycle. Highly recommend you combine this with a Fork brace and the Anti-Dive Fork Shims to compliment your set up. LOVE IT ‼️
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