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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

I've had this shield on 2 previous gen1 GL1800's - so obvious that I like the shield - at 5'6" I find it quieter than other shields and only had minimal issues with previous installs and minimal issues with raising & lowering. Now, I have a 2017 and the install today was utter failure of the product - it is not designed for my 2017 Goldwing. Repeating what many others here noted, had to bend & manipulate the shield to get the guide tracks to align. Once all installed the shield was so bound up that it would never move. After 3 tries I had to figure out what had changed. I discovered 2 things, that combined together, prevent the shield from installing & functioning correctly. A) the shield is overall wider than stock at the bottom - the dash plate has 2 vertical/outboard guides that keep the windshield moving vertically - the v-stream is wider than the guides and anchors down on top of them with enough friction to halt windshield adjustment. When the shield is raised to the highest point - it is above these guides & they act as a fixed stop when trying to lower it back down. B) the guide slots cut into the shield itself are about 1/4" farther out toward the mirrors than the stock shield- the screws/guide plates can still be installed, but then the sliding puck inside the dash is what gets bound up when trying to adjust the shield up & down - this compounds the difficulty of adjustment. Lastly, it is accepted that the vent is difficult to install (but possible) due to the different curvature of the shield... I scratched the shield attempting install, so now own it & the shield will not fit my bike. I cannot recommend this shield for the 2nd generation 1800's.
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Ultragard Touring Luggage Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: BB4603,   SKU: BB4603

Have used it for a few thousand miles now & the bag itself is great, no complaints AT ALL! Plenty of storage & like the outside pouches. All seems durable enough so far - good bag. Downside: As others have noted, the securing isn't a great fit (I have the Kury luggage rack) so you have to do some creative engineering for secure fitment (I use 2 bungees & have routed them for easy on & off, so not a huge deal). #2: The rain cover doesn't fit well when using with the Kury rack as well... last trip riding in rains, the cover kept getting air under it, filling like a balloon and lifting off (fortunately it IS tethered). I had to stop 7 or 8 times in a 3 hour stretch to put it back on. I have since added a small cargo net into the rain cover storage pouch to put on at the same time I need the rain cover - this too will be held on with bungees & prevents "lift-off"
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