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Sydney, AU, 2011




G'DAY Everyone. Well I have been riding since I was 17 here in Australia. Owned 3 bikes before I brought my first Goldwing (a yellow 1975) boy do I wish I had that bike now!! It would be worth a fortune...anyway now I have my pride and joy my 2005 Anniversary Edition. We all know how great they are to ride and put massive amounts of extras on them. I'm just starting to purchase, but believe me when I am finished it will be one of the best in Australia. Cheers and see you on the road.
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Ride to live...Live to ride.

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Red 2005 HONDA Goldwing GL1800A

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Yellow 1975 HONDA Goldwing GL1000

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

Installed them last weekend, not sure about them. Firstly the template didnt seem to be exact. Hence the bumpers at the top of the box near the seat backrest were very hard to fit as the brace for the top box interferred with pulling the bumpers through the drilled hole. I broke two of the ends off mine. Luckily I had spares from my mates set. His went on better because we adjusted the template to suit where we wanted to drill as opposed to where it said to drill. Yes the top box is hard to close but I reckon the bumpers will soften up in time and all will be good...stay tuned for further developments. At least they didnt cost the earth to purchase, so no harm no foul if I throw them away in 6 months time. Will just have to wait and see.
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Fender Accent Filler for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52801,   SKU: BB52801

Simple to install, took less than 10 seconds per side and just lifts the side of the fender with a touch of chrome. Does not look out of place. A welcome addition to my front fender. Go get will not regret it.
My mate has the dirts with me because I didnt order him one so now he has to wait until our next order which will be after Christmas. Se la vie. LMAO
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Right Side Control Panel Accent
ITEM CODE: BB52686,   SKU: BB52686

simple and effective. Looks great and took 1 minute to install. You cant go wrong. A must have.
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Chrome Left Control Panel Accent
ITEM CODE: BB52685,   SKU: BB52685

simple and effective. Looks great and took 1 minute to install. You cant go wrong. A must have.
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Kill Switch Cover for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52609,   SKU: BB52609

What could be easier than double sided tape and a cover...Just what the doctor ordered for a little bit of bling. Not to much not too little all in all a great addition to the bike.
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Chrome Key Plate Accent w/Rubber Pad for 2001-2005 GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52758,   SKU: BB52758

Okay now as far as the product goes no problem, but I have a 2005 anniversary edition and the HISS sydtem seems like it dosen't like the chrome. Put the old black one on and bingo away she goes. Put the chrome one on and crank crank crank but no spark!! Anyway I am sure I will find a solution but in the meantime it will sit in the top box waiting for the solutin to hit me. If anyone out there had the same problem but now is fixed I woukld be greatful for the answer.
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Chrome Radio Panel Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52696,   SKU: BB52696

Just like the chrome knob's this is as attractive as it is functional. You will have to manipulate the panel to bend in tune with the tank but if you are careful it will fit like a glove. The buttons are a lot lower but you dnt use them that much anyway so it should not matter. All in all a great product at a great price.
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Chrome Radio Knob Set for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52709,   SKU: BB52709

pop the old one's off...pop the new one's on. Nothing could be as simple as one two three. Look good.
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