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Factory Service Manuals for GL1800 2012-2013

dB Verified Buyer
I purchased this prior to a complete LED upgrade to my 2012 Airbag GL1800. After receiving it (promptly, thanks Wingstuff) , I wished I had purchased it years ago. It is well illustrated and thorough which put me at ease about working around the airbag system. Absolutely essential if you plan to maintain / upgrade your bike!
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183

The stock grips are too small and felt strange with my big hands. These grips added the bulk the stock ones were missing and comfortably fit my hands ( like building up a golf club grip to a bigger size ). Two very important things to pay attention to when installing:

1. Be careful not to lock the two metal pieces together till their on the grip. I had a terrible time getting them apart to go onto the grips when I was ready!

2. Take the intructions advice and use zip ties to get them to fully click together! They will go together seamless if you use the zip ties and pull them tight. After they are together you can cut the zip ties off and all will be good!

Real nice add on, don't forget the throttle boss end piece, I'm enjoying mine!!
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