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Silver 2002 Honda GL1800 with sidecar

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Anti-Dive Fork Valve Shim w/ Screws

I forgot to add, that there is no fluid loss.
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Anti-Dive Fork Valve Shim w/ Screws

I ride a 02 GL with a Hannigan sidecar this puts a lot of additional weight on the bike.I have the easy steer triple tree with a complete fork rebuild. My ride was so stiff, I hated to even come close to a manhole cover. The jar was very shocking. (I'm 70, the older you get the more intense is the shock).
I decided to try the Anti-Dive Fork Shim. It took about 10-15 mins. to install. Then I went looking for the Manhole covers and anything else that would go "Thud". After crossing the 1st cover, I thought I had missed it. There was no "Thud". The forks absorbed the shock. I thought maybe I had grown use to the thud, so I was ever so vigilant for the next cover. I aimed straight for it, and waited for the dreaded "Thud", again the front end did as it should and absorbed the shock. Wow, I thought, this is the way a big bike should ride, smooth and absorbing the highway and making a very pleasant ride.
I have several friends with GL trikes and they all complain of the dreaded manhole covers and anything else that causes that "stiff bone jarring jolt". After I told them about my experience, they ordered theirs. I highly recommend to the altered bike riders, Trikes.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

I ride a GL 1800 and installed the F4 about a month ago. I've ridden about 3000 mi. since. I've ridden in lots of rain and sunshine and everything in between. The rain just rolls off and the spray from the big rigs is no problem either. When the rain goes over the top of the WS, is just drops straight down, it's kinda funny to watch. It does not come flying back into my face. In a heavy rain, the F4 does not block all the rain from hitting you in the face area but it does a better job than the stock WS.

The F4 lowers the amount of wind buffeting on the passenger and unless there is some side wind, there is very little wind on me. If I had streamers on my forearm they would hardly move.

The F4 is very clear, my riding buddies say they don't even see the F4, all they see is me. I only use the F4 cleaner with paper towels. Bugs wash off very easily. I don't have to clean as often as I use to.

Last week about dusk, I was doing about 60mph, a Hawk ( don't know how fast he was going) hit the F4 WS about 10" up and 4" in from the right mirror, the thud was tremendous. The impact sent the hawk forward and down, then it hit my Show Chrome air deflector (plexiglass) and broke that. There was no damage to the F4 windshield, not even a scratch. I'm not sure how well the stock Honda windshield would have held up but I believe it would have sustained some damage, if not broke from the impact. This was my 1st bird strike on a MC and all I could think about afterwards was that video of the mallet hitting the F4 and how the F4 did not break. I'm glad I decided to buy the F4, I believe it saved me form possible serious injury.

Overall, I highly recommend the F4. Installation was easy, clarity is great, reduced wind and noise. Shipping and customer service was great. Don't wait to get yours.
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