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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

I installed these beads and a new tire in 2015 prior to going to Alaska on my trike. The initial ride appeared to be somewhat smoother. I traveled on some of the worse roads on the planet in British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. About 7500 miles into the tip, I noted the front tire starting to cup. At 9500 miles, it was necessary to change out the front tire. I use the Bridgestone Battex tire and I have gotten as much as 20k miles+ on a front tire. I don't know if the cupping was because of the beads or my fault, being underinflated. A heads up, these beads are messy. The tire changer had to clean the crushed beads inside the rim prior to installing a new Bridgestone.
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ITEM: PG27302

The Battlax, BT 45, 130/70/H18 is by far the best tire I have ever had on my Champion, Goldwing Trike. Remember, this is a rear tire with wider profile. I reversed the rotation. I now have 12,700 miles on the front tire and it shows little wear. The new tire had 7mm of tread, it now has 5mm of tread remaining. In 12,700 miles of varied road, I have used only 2mm of tread. That's approximately 1/8th inch of tread used in 12,700 miles. I fully expect to get over 20k safe miles on this tire. The tire tracks true, with softer ride and reacts well on wet pavement and in high winds. Can't recommend this tire more. Good luck, safe riding.
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