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Indianapolis, IN, US, 46227




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white 2017 Honda 1800

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Trunk & Saddlebag Organizer Combo for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: WS180012,   SKU: WS180012


Trunk Lid Organizer

Some people reviewing this organizer were saying the screws that were sent with it were too long. I did not find this to be true. This was very easy to remove the 6 or so screws and install in the lid. Cleaned up the bottom of my trunk, and I can now find little items easily.
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Chrome Powder Coated Ride Off Stand for GL1800



Ask questions before buying this stand. The stand for the 1800 is different then the stand for the 1500. Bought my stand from what I thought was a reputable company at Wing Ding, but didn't ask enough questions. The video shows an 1800 demonstrating the ease of putting the bike on center stand. Doing it with the reverse on the bike does make it easy. Doing it manually, is also easy with the 1800 stand. The 1500 stand does not have the longer arm for the foot to push down with, making it NO different then the OEM stand. The stands on display were good looking in all aspects, but not the case with what was sent to me.
I also have the same complaint Phil from Ill. did, the powder coating is less then desirable. The welds are far from professional looking, with weld splatter all over the stand. I could have removed my black drive off stand, and had it powder coated for far less then the 199.00, and had a much better looking stand by far.
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