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Richard H.

Claremont, CA, US, 91711


Richard H.


Been on active military duty for 5 of the past 6 years after 9/11 including a tour in Iraq. Probably going out again. In the meantime, will be out riding. All of the generic gray on my bike has been replaced with "Colormatch" and chrome accessories. I sure love the way it looks.

Keep on sharing that tech info on products and accessories.
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Federal Officer (Civillian) and weekend warrior

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I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them.

John Wayne as John Bernard Books, "The Shootist", 1976

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Dark Blue 2007 Honda Gold Wing

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ROKKER Fairing Speakers Upgrade

PPS, Well, spoke too soon. J&M refused to replace the speakers citing that they were damaged upon installation. Wish I had known that they wouldn't replace them. Would have saved me the shipping. Will wait for ShowChrome to come out with some front upgrades. In the meantime, the stock Honda speakers were re installed. Funny, didn't have any trouble re installing the originals.
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ITEM: KU7316

Had the housing on mine color matched. A great safety running light item for the side of the bike and great eye catcher for signaling a lane change or turn.
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ROKKER Fairing Speakers Upgrade

P.S. After the first trip out (after installing them), I noticed that the left speaker cone had collapsed inward. Had to pull it back out by glueing a tooth pick in place. After the glue dried, I pulled it back into shape, removed the toothpick and glue. 2nd trip, the right one collapsed. Called J&M. They said they never had this kind of complaint before. Said to mail both speakers to them and they would replace. Waiting for replacements now. Has anyone else had the same problem?
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ITEM: PG02469

I have both sewn on my jacket. (front and back) I used Scotchgard for carpets on them to make it easier for cleaning as they can collect alot of dirt. It works.
Nice quality patches put together well
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183

P.S. Nope, sorry...can't get the rubber portion of the grips off the Hondaline grips to get them painted to match the bike (see my previous review) I'll keep watching the website to see if somebody comes up with something for a color match for the comfort package. As usual, will let you know.
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Fairing Pouch w/Gold Wing Logo

Need a bit more storage space for stuff? This will do it. Large enough inside to store a small first aid kit. Well made hard leather with a quality zipper. Made to fit over the left fairing pocket door and won't interfere with access to the left fairing pocket. Clips on so you can take it with you. Re-attaches easily. Waterproof? Seems to be. Maybe someone else can review that issue. If not, I'll include a P.S. later.
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ITEM: PG00202

P.S. You'll have to notch out the fairing molding at where they attach to get them to fit right. No problem! You can do it! Just take your time. On a recent trip I dealt with 60 mph cross winds for awhile. They sure can help with the buffeting in conjustion with the lower set. The adjustments certainly aid in stability.
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Stop & Go Tubeless Repair Kit
ITEM CODE: AP3080002,   SKU: AP3080002

Small, functional and fits into a compact case with my air compressor. Learn how to use it before you set out on a trip. Practice on an old unservicable tire if you can find one. You never know where you'll be and what the weather will be like when you need it. A heavy downpour on the side of a dark highway is not the place to learn how to use it.
Consider keeping it in the right saddlebag for safety on that Interstate with a soft shoulder. (Keeps you further away from roadway and traffic when you're trying to get at it.
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ITEM: TR107550

You can't drive on a military base without one. (No, I don't wear one when I'm not on base) but, for the price it'll be what you need to keep the MP's and SP's off your back. Good item to use at an accident scene. Folds up nicely into my tank bag.
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R/H Navi Control Panel for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52760,   SKU: BB52760

Nice add-on but, this item is flat in the package. When installing it, you'll have to contour it to the surface as it has a slight bend. Otherwise, after awhile, the adhesive will work loose.
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ITEM: KU4035

Yup,.. might as well buy em when you buy the brake pedal. Death, taxes and losing these things. One trip and they were gone. When I replace mine, I'll use a Dremel and rubbing alcohol to get a better, clean surface to glue them to.
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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

A nice match with the Kuryakyn driver boards. Beefy and well built. The "transformer" feature allows the passenger to change leg and foot positions (sort of like highway pegs for the passenger) Figuring out how to install them using part of the stock mount (which is required) is a little tricky but, not too bad. You'll know you installed them properly when you raise them and they stay in place. Easy and unobstructed access to the backstand when installed properly.
Pebbles wedged in the soles of your passengers boots will scratch the chrome on the inboard part of the mount as they have no pad protection. I'll find some kind of pad to put here for scratch protection. Kuryakyn should put a pad here.
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