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Parkville, MO, US, 70538




Love to go on rides with my wife. I'm cajun (Boudreaux) so I had a picture of an alligator painted on the back of our trailer and named him Phideaux (Fido). Also enjoy playing my Martin guitar and singing country music. Photo on left is outside of Gatlinburg, TN vacationing to ride the Blue Ridge Pkwy and Tail of the Dragon.
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School Bus Driver

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Life is not measured in breaths you take but in moments that take your breath away.

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Met Silver 2002 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

I love mine. My wife loves not having to stand up to get off the bike. I went to a Diamond Seat and backrest and was glad to finally get the stock seat padding in the front adjusted for me so I could get back to this backrest. It looks better and feels better.
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Ultragard Gold Wing Half Cover Gray
ITEM CODE: BB4458G,   SKU: BB4458G

Ditto with all reviews. Compact, easy to put on and off, felt lining over windshild. Protects my money pit perfectly.
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Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800

A must have item if you purchase the shark gills. Solid and dressy. Glad I have them now. Didn't want them at first.
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Tall & Wide Style Windshield for Gold Wing

I'm 5' 11" and 375 lbs. This little puppy is perfect for the added girth wind deflection. Would recommend caulk or rubber cement for metal slide caps, mine keep popping out and I have to remove the nose panel to fix.
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ITEM: KU7314

Love the look. Wanted color matched but wife vetoed choice. Immediately noticed radiator heat hitting legs. Had to purchase wind wings and leg wings to correct air flow again. Still like em tho.
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Lower Wind Deflecting Trike Wings for GL1800

When I added the shark gills, I noticed an increase of radiator heat rolling back to my knees so I found out that this product pulls the heat out into the side air flow and away from my knees. Excellent product.
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Chrome Dash Accent
ITEM CODE: BB52647,   SKU: BB52647

I purchased the Met Silver color matched dash and this, along with the chrome key hole cover really made it pop with class. Chrome in cockpit is usually avoided by me due to sunlight glare but these don't reflect back due to angle and location.
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Vertical Receiver Style Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: AO451806,   SKU: AO451806

Great buy. Don't recall having problems with instructions but I don't don't usually read ver-batum anyway. Have found it less hassle to remove rear tire by jacking bike up 3-4 inches above center stand height and sliding tire out side. Cross member is too tight to mess with. Pulled Hannigan Sierra trailer from KC to West coast and back (4900 miles) No problems. Love it.
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