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Belmont, NH, US, 03220-311




As I approached my 50th year I had all but given up on seeing things like the Pacific Ocean, Grand Canyon, etc.

Then I did a crazy thing and bought a Goldwing on eBay. I flew out to San Francisco to get it and well, I've been through 37 states and 6 Canadian provinces since.

Just can't wait to get on the road again...
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"I ain't often right but I've never been wrong..."


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Black 2003 Honda Goldwing

Bike 2:

Red/White/Blue 1984 Honda Interceptor

Bike 3:

Yellow 1986 Yamaha RZ350

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Superflash LED Brake Light Modulator

Guy rode up next to me at a stop light and said "you know your high brake light is just randomly flashing all the time". I did not know.Took out the 19 screws, eliminated the existing attenuator and the light worked fine.I immediately ordered this replacement, plug and play installed it, did some adjustment on the flashing to my satisfaction and this key safety item was back in business.I pull and release the brake lever multiple times when stopping to keep the light flashing and I feel safer for having it.
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