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Biker Bob

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Biker Bob


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LED Stealth Light II Accents for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7316,   SKU: KU7316


5 Stars

Lights shorted out and wiring burnt up from the lights all the way to the mirror before blowing the fuse. It was a little dramatic, LOL. I was riding my Gold Wing with a group of fellow Harley boys when smoke started rolling out of my right fairing, I pulled over and shut it off and caught a ride home to pick the bike up with a trailer. I was afraid of a fire if I kept it running. Was surprised to find the wires burnt up.
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LED Stealth Light II Accents for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7316,   SKU: KU7316


1 Star

Installed these a year ago. Lights shorted out and burnt up wiring. I was stopped at a light and had smoke rolling out of the right side of fairing. It burnt the wire coating off from inside the light all the way up to the mirror. I wouldnt have believed it without seeing it. I thought my bike was on fire. It did eventually blow the fuse but not until it burnt itself up.
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