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Philadelphia / Delaware, PA, US,




You're riding down the highway, just cruising at around 80 mph. It's a beautiful day, a day off from work too. the sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue and the clouds are big puffy balls of cotton. All of a sudden you come up on some traffic, some bikers are on the road ahead too. They are rolling hard, making their way thru the traffic, pushing about 90 mph, trying to get past the huddle of cars and trucks. You give the throttle a gentle twist, just slightly. The next thing you know, all of the traffic, including those bikers, are getting smaller behind you in your mirrors. You look down at the speedo and you realize that you are at triple digits so you ease off the throttle, just as lightly as you twisted it. Now, no one is your rear mirror vision and you take another sip of your cold drink in your cupholder as your favorite songs comes blaring through your speakers. You think to yourself, damn, this bike IS truly a beast. I think I'll just keep on going. Today is a good day. Goldwing............
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Black 2006 Honda Goldwing 1800

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Wing Deflectors™ Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1800



I've always had wind deflectors on my wings over the years and this time is no different. I like these because they are sturdy and stay in the position that I put them in regardless of the speed that I travel. Easy to install. Some may not like the look of wings on their Wings, but once you put them on and use them to direct and /or deflect wind, rain, etc, you will wonder what took you so long to get them.
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LED Signal Mirror Kits Blue For Goldwing F6B


Nice addition

I already had turn signal lights that stuck on the side of the mirrors but I felt that these were brighter, more visible and I liked the idea of the blue tint to cut down on glare. All of the above were true as I suspected. Now MUTH has come out with three arrow indicators which are also nice. Get the red, it shows better in the day.
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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006


We'' ll see

I brought these for the wife when I upgraded her area back there with more creature comforts, this being one of them. She rarely uses them though and mentioned that it brings her feet too close to my legs when riding. I don't have a problem with that part. I just wanted her to have options on our many long trips. Maybe she'll grow to like them. They still look nice though.
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Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket


Don't leave home without it.

Love these. I've had mine for many years and they still look good. I have one for me and her and you rarely see mine without a cup or bottle in it. I did listen to a buddy and trimmed the rubber nibs for easier removal of larger drinks. That was a mistake because I have lost two bottles at high speeds and almost decapitated the riders behind me. Luckily we ride staggered. Keep it tight and you shouldn't lose your drink container.
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Passenger Armrest Trim for GL1800


love these

This addition to my bike is a nice touch for sure. Turn signals are bright, visible and stylish. It lights up the back end and sets the bike apart from those that don't have it.
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3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners w/Reinforced Corners for GL1800, GL1500


Works great

We fill em up when we take our long trips. When you arrive, just take the whole bag into the hotel room. The luggage bag for my spoiler rack I especially like. Waterproof cover, durable, bigger than the other bags of the riders that I travel with. Plenty of pockets and the straps and Velcro secures it nicely at whatever speeds you may travel.
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ITEM: PG37218


These I like.

E-z to install. Great to have. My 06 doesn't have the tire monitor stock, so this just what was needed. Got the app and the Icon on my Android. I used a pic of my bike instead of the bike they have standard. Now I can see what my tire pressure is at all times. I haven't heard the alarm yet to alert you to dangerously low levels, but it's supposed to do that as well. I also have the long T-valve, but I haven't installed it yet. Next.... metal valve stems instead of the rubber.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Let's see

Installed mine last spring. Had a buddy help with install. Just take your time with the brackets and line things up. Mine bit into one of my Joe Florida lights and due to the sharp edges I lost the light. Easy to replace though. Still waiting for some major differences that I can point to like wind buffeting (good) and excess heat in the warmer weather (bad), but I can't be certain just yet. I do know that my bike's belly is now protected and that's good enuff.
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Chrome LED Accessory Switch Block
ITEM CODE: BB52605A,   SKU: BB52605A


Fairly easy - Good look

Installed on the brake side. Got this one because I wanted to keep using my brake reservoir cover and this one comes without a cover. The extra long bolts supplied are needed. I use the switch for white led Joe Florida lights in my trunk and saddlebags. Lit up like a runway inside too. I secured the wires to the battery and a ground for continuous on. Before I walk away from the bike I check if the amber switch light is on or off. I already had 3 switch lights on the left side fairing for other Led lights/accessories. Now I have two extra switches for any future installs.
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Windshield Trim w/Amber LED Turn Signals
ITEM CODE: KU1367,   SKU: KU1367


So far so so good part 2

Well I thought that is was on for good. NOT SO. It came off in my face, well behind the windshield, at 80 mph on RT 85 traveling from Philly to The Wing Ding in So. Carolina. Now it won't stay on at all. It seems uneven, so the right side sticks but not the left. Don't worry, once it's on it's not on. My front fairing is not damaged from the 3m tape. Had to buy and install more 3m and it still doesn't stick. Kuryakyn, I'm going to need some assistance on this one.
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Rear Accessory Light Plug-N-Play Adapter
ITEM CODE: KU3241,   SKU: KU3241



Used these when I installed the passenger armrest lights, as required. Unfortunately the instructions were a little off. The blk/wht wires connected fine, the orange wire to the blue connectors w/green wires went well, however the last connections went to my blue and red connectors in order to work, not both blue connectors as instructed. Once I switched, all went well. Now I am going to need a handlebar switch to handle all of these lights so that everything is not on all of the time.
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Passenger Armrest Trim for GL1800


light em up

Just installed these the other day. Fit was right on. You may see just a hint of wire between the passenger backrest top until a passenger sits on the seat. Look is clean and fit is nice. Lights up the ass end nicely and the high turn signals with bright led's leave no doubt. Hardest part of the install was the adapter connectors and replacing the rear panel.
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