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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly

Dolly frees up space in the garage so I can tuck it away in the corner. I used the board under the tire to put it on the dolly and it was amazingly easy. I was concerned because of all the comments from people saying they could not get it up. I should not have been surprised, I'm amazed at how many people think getting the GW up on the center stand is difficult. Product works as intended, is well built and I recommend it.
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SCS Service Connector for 2018+ Key Fob
ITEM CODE: HO070PZZY30100,   SKU: HO070PZZY30100

Used this to program the spare key FOB. Plugged in easily and worked as promised just follow the video instructions. Some people have said it's not needed and you can short it out with wire or paper clip. Worth the twenty bucks to do it right in my opinion.
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Key Fob Assembly for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HO35111MKCA01,   SKU: HO35111MKCA01

Works just like the one that came with the bike. Having an "extra" fob allows wife to access bike when I'm not near it with the fob and vice versa. Also peace of mind in case one gets lost or battery dies on the road. Very easy to program using videos on line, took less than a minute and worked first time. I also purchased the jumper to go with it and it was very simple to perform the programing. A friend had the dealer do it and was charged for labor than I paid for FOB and jumper unit.
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