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ITEM: AO45-1245

I purchased these lights to increase the brightness in the front of the bike while actually driving. Without the brights on, the bike does not show up very well in my opinion. These driving lights almost dissapear in the bright sun. Mr riding partners say that they could see the stock running lights better. Too bad - that's not what I wanted. The turn signals are great but the stock turn signals were more than adequate. Lots of money for little improvement.
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LED Reflector Replacement Light Clear Lens
ITEM CODE: CI40035,   SKU: CI40035

I installed this LED reflector on my bike today. It looks great when it is both on and off. HOWEVER - the instructions are incorrect. If you follow them, you will not get the reflector installed without issue. The instructions instruct you where to drill a 1/2" hole in the fender to feed the cable through. I did not have a 1/2" but used a slightly larger 5/8" bit. The connectors have no chance of fitting through even this size hole. After the 5/8" hole is cut, it is nearly impossible to easily make that hole larger. BTW - 3/4" barely allowed the cable to go through. After you get the larger hole cut, you then find out that the wire in the reflector does not match the hole you cut. More shaving and fling and finally it fits. The screw that tightens the reflector does not do a good job. The pin that sticks out from the reflector to line up the light with the fender is too loose. I hot glued the connection to insure a solid fit. It is my hope that the reflector does not work it's way loose over time. I am looking forward to other Goldstrike products over the winter. I am hoping that the instructions better fit the installation.
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I bought one of these to use on my 2018 Gold Wing with the new bluetooth electronics on the bike. I bought it on a Friday, installed it, set it up, and hit the road for the west coast on Saturday. After 5000 miles it has worked flawlessly. The sound is great, the Wing connects to it instantly. Also using the new CarPlay feature on the wing is a snap. This thing handles the signals perfectly. Never have lost the connection a single time and never have run the battery dead on the control unit. All day riding - 10+ hours and still going strong. Phone calls are perfect. May family did not even know I was on the bike. The other end is completely noise free. Highly, highly, recommended.
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Trailer Hitch Rack & Rack Bag Combo

This is one of the best accessories that I have ever purchased. I carried enough between the bike and the rack bag for a nearly 3 week trip. My bike is the bike on the cover of the January 2012 WingWorld Magazine. You can see the rack bag in the picture. The bag is 4000 miles from home at that point - 4000 to go. Everything was dry, clean, and safe the whole way.
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